The First Hundred -1955


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Mayor: Mr E. P. Meachen

Councillors: Messrs W. C. Davies, C. C. Dix, F. Faulding, S. P. Harling, R. W. Kibblewhite, G. E. Marshall, H. E. McKinley, A. B. N. Roy, H. A. J. Sowman, G. T. H. Cawte.


11: It was better to have sewage running into the river than over the streets and backyards, said Mr C. D. Peat, Borough engineer, in reply to a complaint. A new sewerage plant was in view.

19: Blenheim has a new fire engine. Tests showed that its Dennis pump produced 660 gallons per minute. It had a 120 h.p. Rolls Royce engine. Mr A. W. Taylor, Chief Fire Officer and businessman, christened it "Dauntless" after one of the Brigade's early fire engines. Mr Taylor retired in 1957 after 30 years with the Brigade.


1: A public meeting passed a motion of no confidence in the Government handling of electric power. There were serious power cuts and shortages in Blenheim owing to lack of water in the hydro dam at the Cobb valley.

The Council grants the following permits to hold shop days in the Town Hall: Waterlea Women's Bowling Club; Hospital Chapel Fund Committee; Blenheim Girl Guides; Presbyterian Church; Springlands Bowling Club; Methodist Ladies' Guild; Boy Scouts' Association.


A Marlborough girl, Miss S. Moore, is placed second in the national junior discus throw.

W. G. G. Cuddon Ltd, of Blenheim, build two harvesters to be used at the Saltworks at Lake Grasmere.

17: The Ministry of Works accepts a tender for the building of 33 houses for Air Force personnel at Woodbourne.

18: The Marlborough Water Garden and Aquarium Society holds its first meeting. Mr W. R. Kirkwood, president.

30: Cabinet approves the sealing of the main runway at Woodbourne.

The Government buys the site of the former Empire Hotel (corner Scott and Main Streets) from the Gleeson Estate for a post office site.


28: Messrs J. G. Walker and V. M. Soper present a petition to the Council, signed by 113 persons, objecting to, the noise of signe at the sale yards in Upper Maxwell Road. The petitioners offered to produce a tape recording. Council decided to write to the Saleyards Co. No action was taken.


9: There is a shortage of telephones in Blenheim.

The Council decides to invite the Chamber of Commerce to a meeting to discuss the town plan.

Marlborough's first glider, a Slingsby, is test-flown by the Aero Club's pilot instructor, Mr P. Carmody. It was built by Messrs

C. F. Perham, V. Philpott, G. Timson and J. Verry.


The Council approves the spending of £24,588 on street works. A member of Federated Farmers describes the Blenheim Chamber of Commerce as a "good little body of shopkeepers".


12: The Blenheim Chamber of Commerce changes its name to the Marlborough Provincial Chamber of Commerce. Mr W. G. Hitchins, president.

29: In the biggest carnival held in Blenheim £12,500 was raised for the new Olympic Swimming Pool in Kinross Street. Miss Angela Patchett (Transport) was crowned Queen. The princesses were Misses Anne Sutherland, Lois Tardieu, Dianne Harris, and Sue Simonsen.


The Council engages Mr S. R. Robson to draw plans and super­vise the building of the Olympic Swimming Pool. He was an old boy of Marlborough College.


 27: The Marlborough Historical Society is formed with Mr F. W. Smith as president and Mr I. R. Simonsen secretary.


7: The first diesel railcar for the Picton-Christchurch service arrives at Blenheim.

An 80-year-old house, Eltham Lodge, on the corner of Eltham Road and Rogers Street, is sold for £700.

The Town Clerk, Mr R. Ward, resigns. Mr A. F. Wagner ap­pointed.

Building permits £366,302; rates produce £60,965; population 8940; valuation, capital £7,056,845, unimproved £1,417,810.

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