The First Hundred - 1951


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Mayor: Mr H. J. S. Mitchell

Councillors: Messrs R. Agnew, C. C. Bythell, W. C. Davies, C. C.

Dix, T. H. Gleeson, A. H. R. Houlston, H. G. Patchett, H. A. J. Sowman, A. W. Taylor.


Three small boys were disappointed when they were not allowed to sell 190 sheep they had found near the Railway Station. They drove the mob without dogs through town and up to the sale-yards in Maxwell Road.

24: Senior-Sergeant J. Smyth retires after 40 years' Police service. He served 17 years in Blenheim.


The Criterion Hotel is extensively damaged by fire for the fourth time in its history. The damage was in excess of £31,000. Proprietor, Mr R. J. Meatyard.

The Council's annual wage bill is £11,300.


Industrial progress in Blenheim; 58,000 pieces of hardware and 1000 picture frames are produced annually by the Marlborough Manufacturing Company.


Miss A. Gow, the Service candidate, wins the Blenheim war memorial queen carnival in which £2975 was raised. In view of the frequent requests from charitable organisations, the Chamber of Commerce considers establishing a "community chest".


28: Ian Hammond, of Blenheim, is selected as an All Black to tour Australia.

There is great difference of opinion over the respective merits of Kinross Street and Pollard Park as sites for the proposed new swimming baths.

Two Straits Air Freight Bristol freighters arrive at Woodbourne Airport, having completed a 12,000 mile delivery flight from England. These were the first of S.A.F.E.'s fleet.


9: There are 2353 telephone subscribers in Blenheim.


There is great difference of opinion as to the form of a war memorial — a swimming pool or improvements to Seymour Square. In a referendum, Seymour Square was chosen. The Chamber of Commerce condemned the unseemly wrangle over the issue. The Seymour Square scheme was approved by the Council in December.

W. G. G. Cuddon Ltd open a separate retail showroom in Alfred Street; F. E. Musgrove are general engineers; Hopwood-Bendall Hardware Co. Ltd sell arms and ammunition; the Marlborough Timber Co. Ltd pressure-treats timber in Kinross Street.


3: Mr T. P. Shand is re-elected Member for Marlborough. The Minister of Broadcasting informs the Blenheim Regimental Band that it would be uneconomic to establish a radio station in Blenheim for some years.

Mr C. M. Turner resigns as Town Clerk; Mr R. Ward ap­pointed.


The Marlborough Victoria League celebrates its 21st birthday. Mrs A. G. Wicks, president.


Five-acre sites are bought for future schools in Whitney and Hutcheson Streets.

Members of the Marlborough Hospital Board who are late for meetings are fined 1/- per minute, with no excuses accepted. The money was to be put to the nurses' rest cottage fund.

The Borough is increased by 350 acres, including Springlands, Yelverton, Farnham and a part of Redwoodtown.

Rates produce £45,334; building permits £202,197; population 7051; valuation, capital £3,137,568, unimproved £635,377.

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