The First Hundred - 1950


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Mayor: Mr W. J. Girling

Councillors: Messrs A. G. Wicks, L. G. Pryde, O. A. Webb, C. E. Costello, T. Glover, H. J. S. Mitchell, R. Agnew, C. C. Bythell, W. C. Davies, C. C. Dix, T. H. Gleeson, A. H. R. Houlston, H. G. Patchett, H. A. J. Sowman, A. W. Taylor.


5: Blenheim tops the New Zealand sunshine figures for the third time in 14 years.

The Come to Blenheim Association tells the Department of Agriculture it should worry about the wild rabbits on the hills instead of making a fuss about the few in the aviary at Riverside Park.

A visitor was amazed at the growth of Blenheim. He said that Seymour Square was practically a swamp and the river banks were a mass of weeds and rubbish when he was last in the town 43 years before.


Ben Yee, a young Chinese boy and an ex-pupil of Marlborough College, is a keen and competent cricket umpire. He later left the Province for China where he lost his life. His parents pre­sented the Marlborough Cricket Association with the Ben Yee memorial trophy for which a regular competition is held each year.

Mr E. J. Harvey, of Blenheim, is presented with the gold badge of the South African War Veterans' Association. He was the only man in New Zealand to hold the badge and the R.S.A. gold star simultaneously.

Housing costs rise to 45/- per square foot. In 1939 the cost had been 24/-, in 1942 30/9, in 1945 38/-, in 1949 40/6. Thirty-two houses under construction during the month.


Three important functions in Blenheim — the Associated Chambers of Commerce conference, the Marlborough College golden jubilee and the R.S.A. national championship fours bowling tournament.

Residents of Redwoodtown petition the Marlborough County Council to declare their suburb a county township.

The Council's gas committee debates whether the spending of £70,000 on improvements to the works is justified. It had a loss of £2737 for 1949.

Dr T. Julian resigns as medical superintendent of Wairau Hos­pital. Mr G. F. Smart is appointed to succeed him.


Mr E. R. Middlemiss unveils a World War II memorial plaque in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Blenheim.


Constable W. E. Stretch gave artificial respiration to the 2 1/2- year-old son of Mr E. Martin, who had fallen into the river and was unconscious when rescued by his mother. The little boy fully recovered.

The Council and the Wairau River Board approve a plan to carry the Omaka River through behind the R.S.A. clubhouse and to fill the loop of the existing channel. (The plan was shelved owing to a dispute over costs.)


The Telephone Exchange is moved from the Post Office to a new location in the Wellworth Building, Scott Street.

24: The Blenheim Police advertise for the owner of a goat found creating a disturbance near the Masonic Hall in Seymour Street.


8: The Blenheim Fire Brigade celebrates its 80th birthday. Superintendent, Mr A. W. Taylor.

10: The Marlborough Patriotic Association winds up its affairs after 35 years' work. It collected £44,512 to assist World War I veterans.

A local committee investigates the building of a World War II Hall of Memories on the croquet lawns opposite the clock tower in Seymour Square. The proposal proved too costly. Mr P. Jackson of Springlands suggested developing Seymour Square with paths and memorial gates, new flower beds and a Wharanui stone wall, to cost £10,000.


18: Mr H. J. S. Mitchell elected Mayor.


13: The Marlborough College's new assembly hall opened by Mr A. M. Gascoigne. It had been a theatre building at the Delta military camp.

Rates produce £43,781; building permits £215,333; area 1640 acres; population 6810; valuation, capital £3,025,333, unim­proved £634,052.

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