The First Hundred - 1949


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Mayor: Mr W. J. Girling

Councillors: Messrs H. J. S. Mitchell, R. Agnew, A. W. Taylor, A. G. Wicks, L. G. Pryde, C. C. Dix, O. A. Webb, C. E. Costello, T. Glover.


Fenwick Creswell, of Blenheim, is selected in the New Zealand representative cricket team to visit England. He was an out­standing bowler.

Fourteen Marlborough girls were taken by the Marlborough Health Camp Committee to the Stoke Health Camp.

18: Two badly borer-infected joists were found in the first floor of the Chief Post Office in Blenheim. These were replaced.


At Marlborough College evening classes the instructors are Messrs R. Holloway (carpentry), R. Kinnaird and R. G. Musson (electrical wiring), E. Watson (motor engineering), A. W. S. Gibson (plumbing), G. H. Whimp (auto electrical engineering), H. M. Smith (crafts), J. A. Allport (mathematics); Miss L. Marple (shorthand and typing), Mrs J. Miller (dressmaking).

A referendum on extension of hotel bar hours until 10 p.m.; in Blenheim 996 vote for the proposal and 1871 against.


Council converts Waterlea House in Pollard Park into two flats. The building was originally the McCallum homestead. (It was demolished in September 1968.)


Council approves the material for the Marlborough Visitors' Guide prepared by the South Island Publicity Association.

13: Mr R. F. Mackissack is elected president of the newly-formed Blenheim Fencing Club.

The Chamber of Commerce was not impressed with the Council's attitude towards its suggestion regarding street improvements. The Chamber decided to take the matter up with the Ratepayers' Association. The Association subsequently made suggestions estimated to cost E100,000. The Council then inquired if the Association would also care to suggest where the money was to come from.


26: The Council threatens to resign as the milk authority if the Department insists on putting Picton milk through the Blenheim treatment station.


An entire sheep stud, numbering 400, is flown over Cook Strait by N.A.C. They were Southdowns owned by Mr R. G. Mac­donald, of Fairhall.


The Council lets the Town Hall to the Marlborough Table Tennis Club for a 20-week period for £6.

Tris Hegglun of Blenheim, a New Zealand champion single-scull oarsman, is selected for the Empire Games at Auckland.


Mr B. K. Hammond, president of the Old Boys' Association, unveils a memorial at Marlborough College bearing the names of Old Boys killed in World War II.

Men's business shorts 19/11, linen frocks 57/6, College caps 9/9, half-inch plastic hose 1/4 per foot, jellies 71/2d a packet, khaki shorts 14/11 a pair, taxi fares 1/6 per half-mile.

The Council issues permits for £10,605 worth of buildings during the month.

Mr S. Downie, of Blenheim, is selected to represent New Zealand as a cyclist at the Empire Games at Auckland.

Mr T. P. Shand is re-elected Member of Parliament for Marl­borough.

Rates produce £38,914; building permits £186,762; population 6650; valuation, capital £2,899,643, unimproved £633,237.

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