The First Hundred - 1948


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Mayor: Mr W. J. Girling

Councillors: Messrs H. J. S. Mitchell, R. Agnew, A. W. Taylor, A. G. Wicks, L. G. Pryde, C. C. Dix, O. A. Webb, C. E. Costello, T. Glover.


Poison gas is pumped into holes in the ground near the aviary in an efforts to destroy rats.

A writer states that the country folk of Marlborough regard Blenheim in the same light as the best people in Christchurch regard Addington Saleyards.

Owing to infantile paralysis all schools close until Easter. Edu­cation is by correspondence and primer lessons are broadcast over 2YA.


A Marlborough Immigration Committee is set up to welcome immigrants. The Rev. G. L. Taylor was chairman.

The Marlborough Sports Depot advertises guns and rifles; Thomson's Music Shop hires radios; N. R. McMurtry & Co. are buyers of nectarines; a smart boy is wanted at Neilsen's Slipper Factory; and Lloyd's Upholstery offer top wages to first-class men.

13: The Blenheim Rehabilitation Department has three classes of carpenter trainees building State houses in Blenheim.

26: Six people killed and 36 injured in a serious train crash at Blind River, south of Seddon. Many of the casualties were local people.


6: Mr W. N. Masefield of the Blenheim Rifle Club, wins the King's Belt, the top prize for national rifle shooting, for the fifth time.

A building from Omaka Aerodrome is shifted to Seymour Street for use as a kindergarten. The building was officially opened on June 10, 1949.


25: Mr A. G. Wicks, deputy mayor, opens the Scouts', Guides', Cubs' and Brownies' Hall in Auckland Street. It had been brought from the Delta Camp. Lady Baden-Powell attended a civic function in the evening. She referred to her treasured possession, a desk made by Peter Jackson, of Blenheim, which was presented to Lord Baden-Powell after the relief of Mafeking.


The Chamber of Commerce collects £688 from the business area in a United Nations Children's appeal.


A correspondent bewails the fact that should the South Island ever secede from the North, Blenheim would not be considered as the capital for fear of its proximity to fifth columnists in Wellington.

9: The Chamber of Commerce investigates the possibility of holding the Associated Chambers' conference in Blenheim (it was held four years later).


9: A Dakota freight plane flying from Woodbourne to the North Island crashes at Port Underwood. The commander, Captain R. J. R. H. Makgill, and the co-pilot, Captain M. C. McLeod, were killed.


Mr L. D. Waters is elected Dominion president of the Home Servicemen's Association.

The Railways make plans to improve and enlarge the Blenheim Goods yards.


 Mr H. A. J. Sowman is elected chairman of the newly-formed Blenheim Ratepayers' Association.


The Marlborough Repertory Society presents its first production, "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward, produced by Clement Newmarch. Rates produce £32,069; building permits £182,596; population 6400; valuation, capital £2,769,098, unimproved £632,487.

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