The First Hundred - 1947


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Mayor: Mr W. J. Girling

Councillors: Messrs D. L. Duncan, W. A. Hood, R. A. Jamieson, H. J. S. Mitchell, R. Agnew, A. W. Taylor, A. G. Wicks, L. G. Pryde, C. C. Dix, O. A. Webb, C. E. Costello, T. Glover.


6: A daily air freight service between Wellington and Woodbourne begins, run by the Railways with Air Force Dakota air­craft and crews.

The Governor-General, Sir Bernard Freyberg, and Lady Freyberg visit Blenheim.

Local men receive war decorations from Sir Bernard at an in­vestiture in Wellington. They were Messrs J. G. Furness, M.C.; R. T. Andrews, D.F.C.; I. Weepu, M.M.; A. McLennan., M.M.; R. J. V. Carter, M.M.


Owing to a drought, electricity is rationed.

Meat rationing continues in Blenheim.

The Council censures The Express for reporting a Gasworks matter taken in committee. The editor, Mr S. I. Vercoe, stated he had no excuse or apology to offer; he questioned the right of a local body to have secret discussions and suggested that the people who paid the piper were entitled to hear the music.


Marlborough radio "hams" resume transmissions, which had been prohibited during the war. Mr H. A. Hester (ZL2BS) was president of the local association.


28: Another Savage Club is formed in Blenheim with Mr Doug Johnson as "rangatira". A previous club had gone into recess many years earlier.


Marlborough Transport Ltd carts 3000 cubic yards of soil to level Horton Park.

There is an acute housing shortage in Blenheim. There were 54 replies to an advertisement for a house for sale in The Express.


The Blenheim-Nelson road is described as a "dirt track".

25: Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery visits Blenheim. The Marlborough Scottish Society Pipe Band played him into town with the march "El Alamein".


22: A Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee) is formed in Blenheim. Mr R. J. Tylor, president.


Mr W. J. Girling, Mayor of Blenheim, becomes grand master of the Masonic Order of New Zealand and is re-elected as Mayor.


All schools are closed and children barred from all gatherings because of an infantile paralysis epidemic. Inter-island travel was also banned. Sister Elizabeth Kenny, a world authority on the disease visits New Zealand.

Rates produce £33,198; building permits £152,257; population 6150, valuation, capital £1,869,130, unimproved £475,730.

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