The First Hundred - 1946


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Mayor: Mr W. J. Girling

Councillors: Messrs C. E. Costello, A. W. Taylor, A. G. Wicks, C. C. Dix, R. A. Jamieson, H. J. S. Mitchell, T. Glover, W. A.

Hood, D. L. Duncan, R. Agnew.


Many servicemen return to New Zealand in the ships Otranto, Athlone Castle, Dominion Monarch and Orion.


8: During an acute water shortage there is a total ban on hosing in Blenheim.

The Marlborough Progress League is amalgamated with the Regional Planning Council.


The War Assets Realisation Board holds huge auctions of surplus equipment at Woodbourne Air Force Station.


13: The first marching competition is held in Blenheim.

13: The four-storey Marlborough Brewery in Grove Road is  destroyed by fire. This marked the end of beer brewing in Marlborough.

20: The Express celebrates its 80th Birthday.

The first jet aircraft seen in Blenheim, a Gloster Meteor Mark III, gives a demonstration at Woodbourne and over town.


A petition is circulated protesting against a Council proposal to sell the Town Hall. Council subsequently decided not to sell.


Mr E. S. Parker, a former Mayor and leading businessman, dies. He was described as one of the great "characters" of Blenheim


Miss Nancy Mears wins the R.S.A. queen carnival. £2500 was raised for extensions to the R.S.A. clubhouse.

First Blenheim Girls' Brigade Company formed; Miss H. Feat, captain.


Mr N. M. Rabone is granted a permit to build an arcade between Alfred and High Streets (The Strand).


The Marlborough linen flax factory, which had been operating for five years in Alabama Road, closes down owing to insufficient flax being available. The site later became a Ministry of Works store and yard.

12: Mr R. K. Harvey elected secretary of the Blenheim Chamber of Commerce. He still holds the position 22 years later.

Mr J. Stewart retires as principal of Marlborough College. In 23 years at the College he had not missed a single day's duty. Mr H. A. H. Insull was appointed principal. He later wrote "Marlborough Place Names".


11: The Express reports that the task of constructing 20 salt evaporating ponds at Lake Grassmere, commenced in March 1943, was going ahead well.


Seven Blenheim people were injured and one child killed in a level crossing smash at Grovetown.

27: Mr T. P. Shand (National) is elected M.P. for Marlborough. Mr J. T. A. Beaumont was registrar of electors.


30: A mid-summer frost of 8.2 degrees in Blenheim.

Rates produce £30,569; building permits £119,083; population 5920; valuation, capital £1,804,975, unimproved £472,190.

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