The First Hundred - 1945


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Mayor: Mr C. T. Smith

Councillors: Messrs R. Agnew, C. E. Costello, C. C. Dix, D. L. Duncan, W. J. Girling, W. A. Hood, R. A. Jamieson, H. J. S. Mitchell, A. W. Taylor, A. G. Wicks, T. Glover.


The Blenheim Golf Club renews the lease of its course at Pollard Park. The rental was £5 a year.


Meat rationing reduced the annual kill of pigs at the abattoirs from 2098 in 1942 to 45 in 1945.

Council buys an adding machine.

The R.S.A. recommends swimming baths as a war memorial.

21: The Marlborough College Parents' Association is formed with Mr F. W. Horton president.


The Chamber of Commerce requests council to install fluorescent lighting in the business area.


Miss M. Maddock resigns after having served 16 years on the clerical staff of the Borough Council.

Council's works committee recommends that a Marlborough Catchment Board be set up.

The 80th anniversary of Methodism in Marlborough is cele­brated in the Wesley Church, Blenheim.


Sixty overseas men return to Blenheim. They were welcomed by the Mayor, Mr W. J. Girling, and the president of the R.S.A. Mr J. C. Irving. Major G. F. L. Dillon spoke on behalf of the men.


7: Hostilities in Europe cease with the total surrender of Germany.

9: For the second time in 27 years, Market Place is densely packed by an enthusiastic crowd to celebrate peace. The Mayor made a speech, Archdeacon Haultain led the Doxology, Mr T. Glover led "Land of Hope and Glory"; and Mr Errol Reid led "Soldiers of the King". Mr G. Simpson accompanied on the piano.

Council implements a superannuation scheme for its employees.

18: First meeting of the Marlborough Region Planning Council is held in Blenheim.

Council refuses an application from a Mr Southly to play the accordian in the streets.


The death occurs of Mr C. T. Smith, Mayor of Blenheim and senior partner of the legal firm of Smith & Gascoigne. He had given devoted service to the town during the war years.


3: The 1st Blenheim Company of the Boys' Brigade is formed. Mr F. B. Patchett was the first captain.

Mr W. J. Girling elected Mayor; Mr T. Glover appointed a councillor under the local bodies election regulations.


Council defers a proposal to move the Rotunda to Pollard Park. Council requests the Progress League and the Chamber of Com­merce to support its proposal that Blenheim be an overseas air terminal. The Minster of Civil Aviation promises to bear Blen­heim in mind.


A disastrous frost destroys most of Marlborough's fruit crop.


15: The long-awaited final link in the South Island main trunk railway from Picton to Bluff is opened by the Minister of Rail­ways, Mr R. Semple, at Kaikoura. This was a major stepping stone in the progress of Marlborough and from this date the province emerged from isolation.

Rates produce £32,517; building permits £80,566; valuation, capital £1,712,373, unimproved £468,725.

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