The First Hundred - 1940


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Mayor: Mr C. T. Smith

Councillors: Messrs A. W. Taylor, R. Agnew, D. Maclaine, C. E. Costello, E. S. Parker, H. J. S. Mitchell, H. M. W. Richardson, F. H. Southgate, W. J. Girling.


Many Marlborough men leave for military training.

The joinery factory of Mr D. M. Wemyss, High Street, is gutted by fire.

Council resolves that in a case of emergency two of its works staff could be loaned out for farm work.


27: Marlborough sailors from H.M.S. Achilles return on leave from the battle with the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee. They were welcomed in Market Place by the Mayor and a crowd of 1000.


8: The Army, Navy and Air Force parade in Blenheim.

The Mayor and members of the Come to Blenheim Association weed and tidy up Riverside Park.

Council conveys its sympathy on the death of the Prime Minister, the Right Hon. M. J. Savage, and on the death of a prominent Marlborough medico, Dr W. E. Redman.


The Council, meeting in a private capacity with the Mayor as chairman, expresses the opinion that New Zealand should intro­duce conscription.


5: A big, fire in Lucas Bros' garage, Alfred Street. Fire engines from Woodbourne assist the Blenheim Fire Brigade. It was the last day of the Dunkirk evacuation.


A public figure in Blenheim states that he always has big attend­ances at his meetings as he "trod on a few corns prior to the occasion" and this ensured a full if not a quiet meeting.


Council expresses sympathy to the relatives of Blenheim men killed in the war.

The new bridge over the Wairau River near Tua Marina is opened by the Hon. R. Semple, Minister of Transport.

Council asks the oil fuel controller to establish fuel stores in Picton instead of the uneconomic storage at Nelson.


Council gives old machine guns stored in its yards to the Territorials for practice purposes.

Council extends Councillor R. Agnew its best wishes on his de­parture for military service, and grants extended leave of absence while on military service to Councillor R. J. France.


9: Enlistments into the Home Guard commence.

Word is received that Flying Officer W. B. Parker has been wounded. He was attacked during high level reconnaissance in his Spitfire. The tale of his subsequent parachute jump is told in the book "Jump For It," by G. Bowman.


The Blenheim School baths opened by Mr E. P. Meachen, M.P.


Mr E. C. Baynon, the Borough ranger, is appointed inspector of dog taxes.

5: The following are elected to the executive committee of the Marlborough Women's War Service Auxiliary; Mesdames D. M. Wemyss, A. J. Mills, E. J. Harvey, E. F. J. Grigg, S. I. Vercoe, S. T. Evatt, T. S. Maskew, Miss N. Mitchell and Miss C. Enright.

Rates produce £24,728; building permits £52,646; area 1640 acres; population 5120; valuation, capital£1,592,058, unim­proved £473,890.

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