The First Hundred - 1937


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Mayor: Mr J. Stevenson

Councillors: Messrs C. T. Smith, J. Smith, G. M. Spence, C. E. Costello, A. W. Taylor, B. J. Cooke, N. R. McMurtry, C. A. Garside, T. B. Salmon.


Express readers learn that a sister from Wairau Hospital jumped to her death from a plane over Cook Strait.

Residents of Francis Street sign an appreciation to Council thanking it for the fine condition of their street.

Council plants coronation acorns in Pollard Park. They came from the Royal Park at Windsor, England.


Two tons of golden willow are exported from Mr A. M. W. Adams's property, Langley Dale, to Australia for the manufac­ture of cricket bats.


Council alters the by-laws to permit a ceiling to be as low as eight feet from floor level.

The Marlborough Progress League draws the attention of the Government to the abandonment of Molesworth Station by the owners.

23: The New Palace Theatre is opened in Market Street South.

The gramophone group of the Blenheim branch of the British Music Society presents an interesting programme of English wild bird songs.

Pigeons owned by Messrs S. T. and R. T. Bright win six first place awards at the Westport show.


A professional man bewails the ignorance of youth. His newly-appointed young secretary, asked to find a certain circular letter in the office, reported that all letters appeared to be either square or oblong.

The New Zealand Labour Party hires the Town Hall for £171.5.0 per annum.


17: The foundation stone of the new Courthouse is laid by the Minister of Justice, Mr Mason. Contractor was Mr F. E. Musgrove.


Mr O. R. Marshall is appointed inspector for the Wairau River Board.


8: Ratepayers complain to Council that there are fish in the water mains.

Large crowds attend the Christmas and New Year carnivals in Riverside Park.

Rates produce £18,337. Building permits £26,259; population 5036. Valuation: capital £1,484,981, unimproved £474,842.

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