The First Hundred - 1935


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Mayor: Mr J. Stevenson

Councillors: Messrs C. T. Smith, B. J. Cooke, C. E. Costello, J. P. Clarkson, C. A. Garside, A. W. Taylor, N. R. McMurtry, J. Smith, T. B. Salmon, G. M. Spence.


Jack Best of Marlborough tours the United Kingdom as a rugby All Black.

21: Council conveys its respectful sympathy to Queen Mary on the death of King George V. All activity ceases in Blenheim in a day of mourning. The Prince of Wales is proclaimed King Edward VIII in Market Place by the Mayor, Mr J. Stevenson.


2: The Marlborough Brewery in Grove Road is gutted by fire. The Marlborough Motor Lorry Owners' Association complains to the Minister of Transport against unfair competition from horse-drawn vehicles.

The newly-formed national Air Pilots' Guild holds it first meet­ing in Blenheim.


The Marlborough County Council offers £5500 towards a pro­posed civic centre in Blenheim. Council took no action for three years, and then made efforts to borrow money; subsequently the two Councils could not agree on a site.

Messrs McMurtry & Co. are granted permission to erect pig, pens in Wynen Street. This was later rescinded owing to a Health Department objection.


The Come to Blenheim Association erects an aviary in Riverside Park.


5: First Young Farmers' Club is formed in Marlborough with Young Mr Ivan Brown of Grovetown as president.


Work resumes on the South Island main trunk railway. Council is jubilant.

The Union Steamship Co. is granted a permit for a new building in High Street.


"Sanders of the River," featuring Paul Robeson, screens at the Palace.


Barratt's sale offers men's hats at 2/11. Nimmo & Blair sell seed potatoes. The following bakers announce new bread prices: Coker & Mills, L. W. Maybank, R. A. Jamieson, L. Morgan, R. W. Fisher and T. S. Merrall.

Clark Gable, Loretta Young and Jack Oakie star in "Call of the Wild".


The Celtic and Albion Cricket Clubs are granted grounds at Pollard Park.


Mr E. P. Meachen forwards Council a letter from the Minister in charge of the Tourist Department, explaining the omission of Marlborough from tourist itineraries.


The foundation stone of the new Blenheim School is laid.


Council appoints an assistant Town Clerk, Mr Rex Dunckley.

10: Blenheim is shocked to hear of the abdication of King Edward VIII. He was succeeded by his brother who became King George VI.

A branch of the W.D.F.F. formed in Blenheim. Mrs A. M. W. Adams, president.

Rates produce £19,995. Building permits £54,867, population 5040, valuation, capital £1,508,517, unimproved £474.744.

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