The First Hundred - 1935


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs J. Wemyss, J. P. Clarkson, J. Stevenson, C. T. Smith, B. J. Cooke, C. E. Costello, C. A. Garside, A. W. Taylor, N. R. McMurtry, J. Smith, T. B. Salmon.


5: H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester visits Blenheim.

A. R. Cresswell's timber yard, Warwick Street, destroyed by fire.

Miss W. Woolley and Miss F. Drake represent New Zealand at hockey.


The United Fire Brigades' Association holds its 56th annual conference in Blenheim. Some 400 attended the conference ball, which had two orchestras, the De Luxe and Noel Rose's.


The Rarangi Improvement Society holds a public meeting to press for tennis courts and fireplaces near the beach.


Council buys a six-foot frontage of Mr J. E. Thomas's store for street widening in Charles Street.


Mr John Stevenson is elected Mayor in the first triennial election.

4: Blenheim celebrates King George V and Queen Mary's Silver Jubilee. There were large crowds in Market Place to hear speeches. Lansdowne Park was the scene for the Business, Pro­fessional, and Trades Queen Carnival Committee's gala in the afternoon.


Council insists on the setback principle to 26 feet from mid-road line for all new buildings in the inner area.

Council protests to the Air Transport Co-ordination Board that Blenheim should be included as a landing place for commercial aircraft — Great Pacific Airways, Union Airways, Cook Strait Airways. The Council forms an aviation committee. It was suc­cessful in its efforts and Blenheim was included.

A councillor is prosecuted for working in his shop on a Sunday.


The New Zealand Crippled Children Society is granted permis­sion for a stall in Market Place.


Blenheim motor dealers tender for a Borough truck —C. E. Saunders, Lucas Bros, New Blenheim Motors, Commercial Motors, Wintringham & Coker, Perkins & Branton, Dix & Sons.


Hopwood Hardware Co. Ltd of Palmerston North buys the hard­ware business which the late Mr W. Carr had established in 1871.

There are many applications for sub-division: Rayner, O'Dwyer, Lanely, Parker, Fantham, Graham.


27: Mr E. P. Meachen (Labour) is elected M.P. for Wairau. DECEMBER

Air services to Wellington begin. The fare is 25/-.

Rates produce £17,646. Building permits £16,753; population 5380. Valuation: capital £1,474,088, unimproved £476,902.

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