The First Hundred - 1934


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, J. Stevenson, C. T. Smith, C. E. Costello, N. R. McMurtry, B. J. Cooke, J. Smith, T. B. Salmon, J. Wemyss, J. P. Clarkson.


There is an outcry from angry ratepayers who claim that their b lawns and gardens are ruined by water restrictions.


The Come to Blenheim Association applies for plants and bulbs to beautify the river bank through town. Some 10,000 were donated and planted. The area was named Riverside Park.

The Marlborough Progress League requests the Government to establish an Air Force base at Woodbourne.


George Bernard Shaw visits Marlborough. He refers to the habit of New Zealanders of calling England "Home" as a "verbal absurdity".

The Blenheim Rotary Club asks Council to call a representative meeting to consider local plans in the event of a disaster.


Clarrie Rayner of Blenheim maintains his unbeaten record as featherweight boxing champion of New Zealand by beating Cyril Hume, of Wellington.


Miss Jean Batten, the New Zealand girl who flew solo from England to Australia, visits Blenheim. She was welcomed by the Mayor, Mr M. McKenzie, and the president of the Marlborough Aero Club, Mr A. A. Macnab.


Mr William Carr, a Borough councillor and officer of the Fire Brigade for 55 years, dies. He has often been described as one of Blenheim's most colourful characters.


Ten-inch dinner plates 1/-, children's sand shoes 1/6, cotton vests 1/-, bristle brooms 3/3, mixed sweets 10d a pound, silk stockings 2/6 a pair.


Council refuses to subsidise the building of a Taylor River bridge at Burleigh. A councillor commented that such a facility would only be a "luxury". Council later reconsidered and paid £1500.

A ratepayer complains to Council that she objects to the noise of a horse coughing at the Council yard in Opawa Street.

Rates produce £17,048. Building permits £6793, population 5370, area 1640 acres. Valuation: capital £1,479,908, unim­proved £481,867.

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