The First Hundred - 1933


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, J. Stevenson, C. T. Smith, C. E. Costello, N. R. McMurtry, B. J. Cooke, J. Smith, T. B. Salmon, J. Wemyss, W. Hodgson.


17: Blenheim swelters in a temperature of 90.2 degrees in the shade.

28: Top of the "Hit Parade" by a large margin is Gracie Fields singing "Sally in Our Alley".


Blenheim reads that Hitler is in complete control of Germany. Jewish persecution begins.

Japan and China are at war.

President Roosevelt proposes measures to combat the distress of 12,700 unemployed in America.

Lindbergh baby kidnapped.


The Council members are all elected unopposed.


Mr M. McKenzie is re-elected Mayor.

The sum of £905 is raised for the Mayor's relief fund in a queen carnival. Miss Eileen Barry was elected queen for raising £406.


Council has the following in loan money: £750 Wairau Bridge, £1600 Town Hall, £1900 Wairau Bridge, £65,000 water and drainage, £110,000 10,000 waterworks, £22,000 waterworks, £400 Town Hall, £1000 Waterlea Bridge, £1750 Fire Station, £10,000 roads, £2000 street improvements, £22,500 redemption, £8700 gasworks. Total £251,200.


The Fire Brigade ball with 300 guests is described as the social occasion of the season.

Council grants the Come to Blenheim Week Association the use of Market Place for stalls. Mr R. C. Bush, secretary. The week was a great success, with parades, coloured lights, band concerts, competitions, races, the New Zealand boxing cham­pionships and a civic reception. This success promoted the for­mation of the Come to Blenheim Association which did great work for the town for 33 years.

The Blenheim Golf Club submits plans for a clubhouse in Pollard Park.


Council hears a deputation protesting against Sunday golf at Pollard Park. It decides to recommend that no competitions be held and no caddies employed.


Council instructs the engineer to employ Blenheim ratepayers on relief work where possible.


Council is requested by the Nelson City Council to assist in an effort to, have Lake Rotoiti and the Travers Valley declared a scenic reserve.

Rates produce £15,062. Building permits £4150; population 5350; valuation: capital £1,478,800, unimproved £483,989.

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