The First Hundred - 1932


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, W. Hodgson, J. Wemyss, J. Stevenson, T. B. Salmon, C. T. Smith, B. J. Cooke, C. E. Costello, J. Smith.


The Marlborough Progress League urges Government to declare the Marlborough Sounds a national park. A Farmers' Union meeting at Homewood advocated caution and wanted much more information before any action was taken. They finally agreed to the scheme, but the Government declined to act.

9: The Grosvenor Hotel is burnt out. Proprietress, Mrs F. C. McArtney. The Soldiers' Club (R.S.A.) is also badly burnt in a separate fire.


The Reo De Luxe bus service charges 4/6 return, Blenheim to Picton.


There are many bankruptcies in Blenheim during the depression.

The Girl Guide Association supplies up to 80 lunches a day to children.


2: Mr G. Gill grows a pumpkin weighing 116 1/4lb.


Express readers learn that the Nazi Party, led by Herr Hitler, has great success in the German elections.


16: Grovetown Hotel totally destroyed by fire. Proprietor, Mr Ben Dooley.

Mr W. Martin, F.R.G.S., headmaster of the Blenheim School and an authority on native flora, writes a monthly article in The Express on the vegetation of Marlborough.


A small boy in charge of a cow in Alfred Street ties the rope to his bicycle handle-bars. The cow took fright and the boy had an exciting and merry ride until he was unseated and his bike dashed to pieces in the wake of the Piecing animal.

Officialdom, with its obsession for centralisation, was Marlbor­ough's greatest enemy, said a correspondent referring to a Government proposal to base the Lands & Deeds and Lands & Survey Departments in Nelson.


The scow Echo is driven ashore at Pinnacle Rocks, Seatoun. She floated off and capsized, was located next day and towed to Wellington. There were no crew casualties and she was repaired and put back into service. The master was Captain W. O. Jarman.


A man is sentenced to death in the Blenheim Supreme Court for a murder in Picton. The sentence was carried out in Well­ington.

Council commences a £45,000 sewerage scheme. Most of the work was done by men on relief. The scheme was prepared by the Hume Pipe Co. Ltd and executed by the Borough en­gineer, Mr J. Annabel.

Rates produce £16,408. Building permits £9858, population 5300. Valuation: capital £1,479,030, unimproved £484,269.

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