The First Hundred - 1931


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, W. Hodgson, J. Wemyss, J. Stevenson, T. B. Salmon, C. T. Smith, B. J. Cooke, C. E. Costello, J. Smith, W. J. Humphreys, A. A. Macnab, E. S. Parker.


There are 72 persons unemployed in Blenheim, the period is referred to as "the depression".


4: Blenheim learns with horror the details of the great earth­quake at Napier (350 deaths in Hawke's Bay).

The newly formed Blenheim Ladies' Croquet Club asks Council for a ground at Horton Park.


Council reduces staff wages by 10%.


The Mayor's honorarium is £175.


Mr M. McKenzie is re-elected Mayor.


Council makes no charge for meat killed at the abattoirs when it is donated to relieve the distress of many families during the depression.

A pilot is badly injured and a passenger killed in the crash of a Spartan Arrow plane at Woodbourne aerodrome.

The Marlborough Kennel Club holds its first show. Mr A. F. Lucas, president.

Seddon farmers donate 100 sheep to help relieve the unemploy­ment distress in Blenheim.


4: The Blenheim Model Aeroplane Club holds its first meeting. Mr H. R. Dix, president.

Blenheim businessmen are irate with a correspondent who de­scribes them as "priceless pessimists" who are coining money but cry poverty at every opportunity.


The Borough engineer, Mr John Annabell, constructs the Monro Street drain out of old tar barrels covered with concrete.


7: Five hundred Marlburians, who had chartered the Tama­hine, marched on Parliament House, Wellington, to protest against the cessation of work on the South Island main trunk railway. The party was led by Mr E. F. Healy, M.P. for Wairau. The depuation was unsuccessful and work ceased be­tween Wharanui and Parnassus. Mr Healy voted against his party (United).


Mr E. F. Healy re-elected Member for Wairau.

Rates produce E16,606; building permits £30,270; population 5330. Valuation: capital £1,575,463, unimproved £530,674.

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