The First Hundred - 1930


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs P. S. Boyes, W. Carr, W. J. Humphreys, A. A. Macnab, E. S. Parker, T. B. Salmon, C. T. Smith, J. Smith, J. Wemyss, J. Stevenson, W. Hodgson.


Barry's Marlborough Hotel, opposite His Majesty's Theatre, is enlarged and modernised.

Blenheim residents are mystified by the falling of "red rain". It was Australian desert sand (which is red in colour) blown across the Tasman Sea by prolonged winds.


27: The Internal Affairs Department advises Council that a Marlborough regional planning meeting will be held in Blenheim.

The Express reports that someone is opening tins of sardines and dropping tin and contents into post boxes.

31: The Wairau and Picton Hospital Boards amalgamated under the title of Marlborough Hospital Board.


Council grants the gas manager and accountant a bonus of £52 each on account of a good year's gas trading. The gas account donates £500 to the general account.

16: The motor road from Blenheim to the West Coast, via Top-house, is opened. Newman Bros run a tri-weekly return service to Westport.

21: Lansdowne Park rugby ground is opened by Mr E. F. Healy, M.P. The ground and grandstand cost £5900. Mr C. H. Mills was president of the Rugby Union.


Mr J. A. Laird is appointed as Marlborough combined local bodies' traffic inspector.


The Blenheim unemployed state that they would rather starve in Marlborough than die of hunger and disease tree planting in the Golden Downs forest, Nelson. The authorities say the state­ment is unjustified, and the "row" reaches Parliament.


9: The first free kindergarten in Blenheim is opened in the Anglican Central Sunday School hall, with Miss P. Zohrab as director.


Council declares an area of 1.0 acres to the South of New Renwick Road, beside the Taylor River, to be a rubbish dump.


Council is irate when a ratepayer inscribes a cheque "Pay the Blenheim Borough Council £39 I don't owe them, thieved from me".

Rates produce £17,694. Building permits £57,785; population 5280; area 1640 acres; valuation, capital £1,556,383, unim­proved £535,109.

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