The First Hundred - 1928


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Mayor: Mr M. McKenzie

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, J. Wemyss, P. S. Boyes, E. S. Parker, H. M. W. Richardson, C. T. Smith, J. J. O'Halloran, M. W. Grace, T. B. Salmon, J. Smith.


6: The War Memorial clock tower in Seymour Square, erected in remembrance of those who fell in World War 1, is unveilled by Major-General Sir Andrew Russell.

The Borough Council and the Marlborough County Council propose to erect a combined local bodies building with rooms for the Plunket Society —Council £16,000, County £7000, Plunket £2000.


The A.A. has a motor camp at Horton Park. Blenheim votes heavily against "daylight saving."


Thirty acres of the Omaka Domain Board land is set aside for use as an aerodrome and the proposed Marlborough Aero Club is granted free use of the area. It was enlarged to 51 acres in December and increased to 76 acres in 1929.

Fire ruins three shops in Charles Street — Rogers (agents), Jimmy & Co.'s (laundry) and Cresswell's home cookery.


Mr F. Dodson's aerated water factory in Fell Street burnt down.

4: Marlborough Aero Club is formed; Mr H. R. Dix first presi­dent.


Council staff works at Fairhall's paddock (Woodbourne) to im­prove the ground for use as an aerodrome by the "Southern Cross."

10: The Progress League urges Government to start a forestry scheme in Marlborough. The Government agrees that it is necessary, but will not be able to start right away.


Council commences tar sealing roads in Blenheim.

The Wairau Hospital Board resolves to refuse admission to any Picton residents whether urgent or not, owing to a dispute with the Picton Board over patients' fees.


The old Riversdale Bowling Club green is re-built and re-named the Marlborough Bowling Club; president is Mr D. Haswell.

13: Squadron-Leader Kingsford Smith, Flight-Lieut. Ulm and Messrs T. H. McWilliams and H. A. Litchfield leave Blenheim at 4.35 a.m. on the historic first flight from New Zealand to Australia. A description of the event was transmitted by tele­phone to Wellington and broadcast by 2YA throughout New Zealand and Australia. Captain N. E. Chandler, pilot-instructor of the Marlborough Aero Club, was in charge of ground control.


15: Mr E. F. Healy (United Party) elected M.P. for Wairau.


21: Council requests motorists to keep clear of the town centre on Christmas and New Year's Eves.

Rates 21/2d in £, Hospital 31/2d, special 3d; Borough income £14,371. Building permits £30,935.

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