The First Hundred - 1925


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Mayor: Mr E. S. Parker

Councillors: Dr R. Noble-Adams, Messrs P. S. Boyes, J. J. O'Halloran, T. B. Salmon, C. T. Smith, J. Wemyss, M. McKenzie, W. J. Humphreys, Mrs Ada Redwood.


Reported that £50,717 worth of new buildings erected in the previous year; £67,588 in 1923 and £59,688 in 1922.

The Marlborough Progress League presses for a continuation of the railway from Ward to Christchurch. Government estimates the cost at £2,000,000.


There are 837 motor cars registered in Blenheim.

The Hospital Board accepts a tender of £10,148 from Messrs Ward, Tylor & Co. for a new Nurses' Home.


E. T. Hegglun and W. Pinkham of Blenheim were members of the All Black rowing crew which visited Sydney, winning both the eights and the fours.

Many cases of infantile paralysis in Blenheim.


The Mayor states that Maxwell Road is the worst road in Blenheim. Councillor Noble-Adams says it is the worst in New Zealand. Council resolves to patch it.

Council is indignant when Councillor Carr refers to it as the "Blenheim Borrow Council." "You should see what he writes on his rate cheque" a member exclaimed. The offending word was amended.


Mr Malcolm McKenzie elected Mayor.

11: Widespread sorrow is felt and church services are held in Blenheim when the death of the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. W. F. Massey, is announced.


A Hospital Board member protested violently that furnishings for the Nurses' Home should be bought in Blenheim, not in Wellington. Another member pointed out that the protesting member had himself imported a piano from Wellington. This precipitated a long and wordy debate, not characterised by a Great measure of goodwill. The Retailers' Association protested, and had "Shop in Blenheim" notices put in all their windows. There were some red faces when it was found that the notices had been printed in Wellington.


Seymour Square is chosen by popular vote as the site for the War Memorial. There were further arguments and votes on the design.


Mr W. J. Girling is re-elected M.P. for Wairau.


21: A photograph of the new £115,000 Union Company steamer Tamahine appears in The Express. She was met by a large crowd from Marlborough on her first voyage from Well­ington to Picton, carrying 400 passengers and 25 cars. This service continued for 37 years until the Aramoana took over in 1962.

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