The First Hundred - 1923


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Mayor: Mr E. S. Parker

Councillors: Messrs M. McKenzie, A. Duncan, J. Wemyss, W. T. Churchward, A. J. Curry, C. T. Smith, E. H. Barton, Mrs Ada Redwood and Dr R. Noble-Adams.


On the advice of the Health Inspector, the Hospital Board re­solves to do something about three families living in a hovel in "Tin-can Street," Blenheim.


Two former Marlborough M.P.s die — the Hon. C. H. Mills and Mr A. P. Seymour. Mr Seymour had been the last Pro­vincial Superintendent in Marlborough.


Mr E. S. Parker is re-elected Mayor and all the retiring Council­lors are re-elected.


7: A great flood in Blenheim and district. The entire business area was under four feet of water and rowing boats plied in Market Place. One resident put his wife and two children on the back of the family horse, which was brought into the kitchen for the night. A man was drowned at Grovetown and there were huge stock and property losses.

Mr T. F. Bull replaces Mr P. S. Boyes as Town Clerk.


9: The Marlborough Road Boards set up a County of Marl­borough.


The Magistrate dismisses a case against a motorist charged under by-law 60, which prohibits the parking of vehicles with­out any horse or other animal harnessed thereto. The by-law was "ridiculous and deserved a putty medal," stated the Magis­trate.


9: Mr F. Mogridge presents Marlborough College with a horse ,for grass cutting purposes. Mr W. J. Girling jokingly suggested that the presentation was made to avoid burial expenses.

The public is indignant when the water supply fails during a serious fire at the N.Z. Farmers' Co-op. in Queen Street.

25: The establishment of the Marlborough Electric Power Board is gazetted; Mr R. F. Goulter, chairman. (The first meet­ing was held on December 11.)


The N.Z. Athletic & Cycling Union holds its Dominion Confer­ence in Blenheim.

30: The Marlborough County Council holds its first meeting; Mr C. Nees is chairman and Mr A. J. Maclaine clerk.

Rates 21/4d in £ Hospital 3 1/2d, special 2d, water 6% on annual value; night-soil 30/- per annum.

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