The First Hundred - 1922


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Mayor: Mr E. S. Parker

Councillors: Messrs M. McKenzie, A. Duncan, W. T. Churchward, A. J. Curry, W. E. Gascoigne, L. Griffiths, W. Payne, Dr R. Noble-Adams and Mrs Ada Redwood.


16: The Marlborough Motor Cycle Club holds races at Waterlea Racecourse. Mr W. G. G. Cuddon was secretary.


Council hears an indignant deputation of Riversdale residents who had been rated for a water and drainage scheme but were to receive neither service.


The ranger creates a record by impounding 48 cattle in one day. Justice was thwarted, however, as they broke out in the night, much to the delight of their owners who rounded them up next day.

Mr J. W. T. Doggett, secretary of the Marlborough Fruitgrowers' Association, announces that 5000 cases of apples were exported from the province during the season. (He served as secretary for 33 years.)

Council has a heated and acrimonious argument over which was the biggest hall in Blenheim.

Council insists that "God Save the King" must be played at all Town Hall shows. This decision was rescinded when it was pointed out that it might not be suitable at cat and poultry shows.

There is an uproar in Council over a decision to charge £3 rent for the Town Hall for New Year's Eve Scottish celebrations and £4 for St. Patrick's night.


Council has great problems with the water and drainage scheme. Pipes were leaking, finance was £22,000 short of requirements and many ratepayers favoured sacrificing the £70,000 already spent and abandoning the scheme.


29: Marlborough lose the Seddon Shield to Nelson. It is the first time Nelson has won this rugby trophy.

C. J. Fitzgerald is selected from Marlborough for the All Blacks.


The contractor for the water and drainage scheme, Mr Mc­Dougall, sues the Council for cancellation of his contract. He was awarded 0733.


There is talk of horse-whipping and a flurry of indignant letters toThe Express over an A. & P. official's statement that bagpipes are not suitable for the show. He apologised but caused a fresh uproar by adding that pipe music was fine at a distance of about seven miles.


Mr W. J. Girling (Reform) defeats Mr R. McCallum and be­comes Member for Wairau.

Borough Valuation £594,079; capital value £923,871.

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