The First Hundred - 1921


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Dr R. Noble-Adams, Messrs W. T. Churchward, A. J. Curry, A. Duncan, W. E. Gascoigne, L. Griffiths, M. McKenzie, W. Payne, J. A. Leslie, T. Moseley, F. Birch, W. D. Pike, B. J. Cooke, Mrs Ada Redwood.


The schooner Omaka is wrecked at Wellington Heads with the loss of six lives. She was one of Eckford & Co.'s Blenheim-Wellington fleet.


Although private cars do not have to be registered or drivers licensed, regulations for taxis state they must be registered and a table of fares clearly visible. All charges are governed by the Council.

Mr Will Lawson, organiser for the Marlborough Progress League, requests Council for a lease of Omaka Domain for development as an aerodrome.

A provincial vote for the proposed site of the Marlborough War Memorial resulted in a majority for Seymour Square, Blenheim. The other proposed sites were Waterlea, and Mabel Island and Victoria Domain (Picton).


11: A Savage Club with 60 members is formed in Blenheim with Dr J. F. Bennett as president.

Blenheim, Spring Creek, Omaka and Tua Marina combine to form a flood control scheme.


21: The first provincial conference of the Farmers' Union is held in Blenheim. Mr H. J. Stace, president.

Mr E. S. Parker is elected Mayor.


12: The world sculling championship is rowed on the Wairau River, Spring Creek. Dick Arnst, the title holder and a former champion cyclist, beat Pat Hannan of Blenheim, who later beat Arnst by 20 lengths in the Australasian Sculling Championships at Hamilton.


The newly-formed National Roads Board advocates a national road from Blenheim to Bluff.

18: Amalgamation of several river boards into the Wairau River Board.


5: The Masonic Hotel is burnt down. Mr C. M. Patchett's fruit shop and Mr G. Sowman's barber shop were also destroyed.


Excitement in Blenheim when an aeroplane lands at Fairhall. It was an Avro 504K piloted by Captain D. Gray.


Mr James Johnston, public health officer for Marlborough, killed in a motor car accident on the Picton-Blenheim. road.


Council dispenses with the services of the Town Clerk, Mr W. T. Mansfield, owing to his incompatibility with certain councillors and a disagreement over certain water and drainage scheme appointments. He sued Council for £1000 but lost the case and Mr P. S. Boyes was appointed.

Population of Blenheim 4345.

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