The First Hundred - 1920


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs A. J. Curry, W. E. Gascoigne, J. A. Leslie, M. McKenzie, W. D. Pike, Thomas Moseley, B. J. Cooke, F. Birch, Mrs Ada Redwood.


Council accepts the tender of Mr C. McDougall for the water­works undertaking, £13,079.4.6. The intake was to be at the third crossing of the Taylor River.


Council grants the Regimental Band a £12 subsidy provided it plays six approved selections from the rotundas in Market Place and Seymour Square.

4: The Scottish Society holds its first Highland Games in Blenheim.


11: The Marlborough Racing and Trotting Clubs hold their first meeting, at Waterlea Racecourse. There were gallops and trots, and £14,775 went through the totalisator. The Trotting Club president was Mr E. A. Weld; Racing Club president, Mr H. D. Vavasour.

The Marlborough A.A. requests Council to control motor traffic more efficiently and to issue certificates of driving proficiency.

The Blenheim Society for the Health of Women & Children (the Plunket Society) requests Council to establish women's rest rooms.


29: Blenheim changes over to an automatic telephone system.


10: H.R.H. the Prince of Wales visits Blenheim; a great public welcome at the Marlborough College grounds. He planted an Oak; Mr and Mrs H. Rore presented him with a Maori mat on behalf of the Wairau Pa, and the Mayor, Mr Corry, presented a copy of T. L. Buick's "Old Marlborough". The town was de­corated with flags and bunting.

A local body conference between Marlborough, Nelson and Buller decides to form an electric power board. The object was to supply their areas with power generated near Lake Rotoiti.


Mr Will Lawson, organiser for the Marlborough Progress Com­mittee, writes the first brochure on Marlborough —a first-class publication with many photographs of farming activities. The main theme was Marlborough's "Golden corn, golden fleece, golden sunshine, golden future." Thus the term "Marlborough the Golden" originated. The booklet was criticised for not in­cluding a photograph of the Blenheim Fire Station, which, it was claimed, would have "indicated to the nation the progressive spirit of Blenheim."


Eckford & Co, bring the Echo into the river service between Blen­heim and Wellington. She was a topsail schooner built in 1905 at Northern Wairoa.



An aeroplane lands at Mr R. Allan's property in Dillon's Point Road, and takes off after refuelling to make the first flight across Cook Strait. Captain Euan Dickson was the pilot.

The machine room and laundry at Wairau Hospital burnt down; a £5500 loss.

Council buys a Ford truck for £268.17.6 to carry the fire engine.


At a Marlborough local bodies' meeting the following were pre­sent: Messrs G. J. Riddell (Picton), J. J. Corry (Blenheim), J. Bary (Omaka), C. Nees (Pelorus), H. J. Stace (Picton Road Board), and G. H. Andrew (Wairau).

Dr T. Julian is appointed first resident medical superintendent at Wairau Hospital.


The Defence Department informs Council that Blenheim has been awarded the following war trophies: Twelve machine guns, two French monitors, two field guns, one howitzer, and one seige gun. They were placed in Pollard Park.

Rates 2.75d in the £, Hospital 5.5d, special 1.25d; rate collection £4972. Valuation (capital) £977,906; estimates £19,465.

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