The First Hundred - 1919


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs J. A. Leslie, E. S. Parker, W. D. Pike, J. J. White, W. E. Gascoigne, B. J. Cooke, A. J. Curry, M. McKenzie, F. Birch, Thomas Moseley, W. Carr, Mrs Ada Redwood.


The Council pays £35 to send the Boy Scouts to a week's camp as a reward for their valuable services during the 'flu epidemic. It also awarded £45 to the staff for its extra work.


The Mayor and Town Clerk attend a town planning meeting in Wellington.

The Chamber of Commerce presses Government for a sugar beet industry, hydro electric development, marine salt works at Picton, development of agricultural lime, a survey for oil and minerals, expansion of the bee-keeping industry, completion of the South Island railway, two-and-a-half hour steamer service to Wellington, an aerodrome in Blenheim, and industry in Blenheim.


In a poll on the liquor issue, 3012 persons vote for continuance and 2758 vote for prohibition in Marlborough. Continuance was carried nationally.

Mr F. B. O'B. Loughnan is president of the Blenheim Progres­sive League. It advocates a water and drainage scheme. Council instructs the Town Clerk to enquire into the subject of street name plates.


Mr J. J. Corry is re-elected Mayor.


The Marlborough Racing Club asks Council for certain con­cessions over Waterlea Park.

The Riverlands racecourse is auctioned at £44 per acre, as the Marlborough Racing Club has bought 77 acres of Waterlea Farm.


A prominent judge deplores the laxity of some women's morals. He maintains that women's efforts must be directed to the tend­ing of flowers, forestry and livestock.

Council declines an offer by a Mr Bickerman, of Wellington, to supply bombs for a Royal Salute on the day of peace celebrations.

19: Great peace celebrations are held in Blenheim. The sum of £1307 was spent on decorations, children's prizes, fireworks and large arches over the streets.


Council borrows £1 10,000 for a water and drainage scheme. Council asks the Minister of Public Works to investigate a hydro-electric scheme for the district.

There is a great difference of opinion regarding the site of the new maternity home as between the Wairau Hospital grounds and the Holmdale site. Mr W. J. Thompson eventually altered the building at Holmdale; contract price £3000. It was origin­ally built by the late Robert Bell, sheep farmer of Riverlands.

Audiences thrilled to see "the beautiful white girl's life hanging by a thread" in "Tarzan of the Apes" at His Majesty's Theatre. The villain was Willy Clayton, "the aristocratic cad."

Correspondents advocate Mabel Island, Waterlea Park and Seymour Square as sites for a war memorial.


12: Blenheim flooded. Waterlea Park completely covered with water.

The Marlborough Automobile Union requests Council to paint its bridges white.


Councillor W. Carr loses his seat on the Council because of non-attendance without leave for four meetings. Mrs Ada Red­wood, the only woman councillor in the Borough's history, was subsequently elected.


Mr R. McCallum (Liberal) re-elected M.P. for Wairau. He beat Messrs B. J. Cooke (Labour), J. J. Corry (Independent) and E. H. Penny (Reform).

Rates 2.75d in £; rates produce £4922. Estimates £13,332.

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