The First Hundred - 1918


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs F. Birch, W. Carr, B. J. Cooke, J. A. Leslie, W. E. Gascoigne, M. McKenzie, E. S. Parker, W. D. Pike, J. J. White.


Council supports a Dominion-wide move to retain under the British flag the Samoan Group of Islands which were formerly German possessions.


20: The Blenheim Operatic Society formed with Mr J. R. Sharpe as president. First production was "The Gondoliers."


2: Royal Hotel burnt down. It was originally called the Rain­bow Hotel in the early days of "The Beaver".

Express headlines read: Terrible Battle Rages; The Great Slaughter; Glorious Gallantry of Our Men; Hindenburg Desper­ate; Bolsheviks Capture Odessa; Kaiser in a Rage.


Miss Jennie Urquhart sings a song to counteract the tedious wait experienced by the ladies at interval during an Operatic Society concert when the men depart to "see a man about a dog".

Council congratulates General Sir Edward Chaytor on his military advancement. He was the son of Mr John Chaytor the original settler of Marshlands.


Council has 5000 books in the library.

The Town Clerk is empowered to charge for the Town Hall at his discretion.


8: The Council resolves that "On this fourth anniversary of the declaration of a righteous war, the inhabitants of Blenheim record their inflexible determination to continue to a victorious end.

Council has an Electrical Committee which recommends that Blenheim be supplied with electricity generated at the Waihopai River, situated at Benhopai.

Council proposes to use the Town Hall as a wool shed.


Council supports Mr William Burt in his efforts to have a motor road established from Blenheim to the West Coast, via Top-house.


Council requires Mr Brunette to set back his new Grosvenor Hotel building g in line with Dalgety's building off Seymour Street.

Council decides that owing to the low population density of Blenheim, it is not necessary to institute a refuse removal service.

A footpath is formed in Hawkshaw Street (now Muller Road).

The Mayoress, Mrs J. J. Corry, is awarded the M.B.E. for patriotic work.

Armistice signed — great rejoicing in Blenheim.

Blenheim suffers from a great influenza epidemic. All schools and places of amusement close. Dr Russell Adams was in charge of health services. Twenty-four people died and 544 were sick. Three of the six local doctors and 19 of the 20 trained nurses in Wairau Hospital were ill. Some 17,420 people went through the special inhalation chamber erected by Council.

Rates 3d in E, Hospital 3.5d, special 1.125d; rates produce £4487. Valuation £439,094, estimates £9615.

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