The First Hundred - 1917


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs W. D. Pike, A. J. Curry, W. E. Gascoigne, G. Patchett, J. J. White, B. J. Cooke, F. Birch, E. S. Parker, W. Carr, J. A. Leslie, R. V. Bythell, M. McKenzie.


A conference of local bodies is held to urge Government to appoint a Royal Commission to investigate flood control in the Wairau. (The report was made public on April 24.)

The Express warns little boys not to run after and hang on the backs of motor cars.

The Blenheim Retailers' Association is formed, with Mr W. J. Girling first president.


Mr W. F. Daines's grocery store and Mr J. Holmes's seed store, Grove Road, destroyed by fire.

Newspaper headlines read: Revolution in Russia; Turks Evacu­ate Persia; Serious Breach in German Wall of Steel; Battle in Palestine; Huns Advance in Mexico; War for U.S.A.


4: Captain Thomas Eckford dies. He was described as the doyen of the river service between Blenheim and Wellington.

Owing to a national shortage of coal Council considers closing the Gasworks.


Council proposes a monthly vote of condolence to Marlborough men killed in France.


The 32nd Reinforcement draft leaves Blenheim, bringing the total to 1546 Marlborough men in the war.


A "mock court" in Market Place raises £770 for Christmas comforts to be sent to Marlborough soldiers.

Council prohibits pig-keeping in the inner area.


Council asks the M.P. for Wairau, Mr R. McCallum, to ensure that a part of the butter purchased by the Prime Minister is reserved for Blenheim.

Mr D. P. Sinclair, Town Clerk for 141/2 years, dies.

£42,717 is subscribed by Marlborough people to the Liberty War Loan scheme.

21: Six o'clock closing becomes law.


Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin are great favourites in Blenheim cinemas.


Mr W. T. Mansfield is appointed Town Clerk.

Rates 23/4d in £, Hospital 3-7/16d, special 3/4d; rates produce £4921. Valuation £429,500, estimates £7,000.

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