The First Hundred - 1915


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs F. Birch, W. Carr, B. J. Cooke, A. J. Curry, G. Griffiths, E. S. Parker, G. Patchett, W. D. Pike, G. M. Spence, W. E. Gascoigne, J. J. White.


Council proposes to loan the Marlborough Acclimatisation Society five acres of Waterlea Park for a Zoological Garden and fish hatchery.


A Council by-law prohibited vehicle drivers from using foul, obscene, indecent or blasphemous language. Neither could they make threatening, abusive or insulting gestures.

War headlines read: Important British Success; Turkish Forces Annihilated; Murdering Germans Jeer as British Passengers Drown; England Expects Peace by Autumn; All's Well with the Navy; Steady Progress in France, Victory in Three Months; 104,000 British Casualties.


The Blenheim Bowling Club initiates the formation of Marlbor­ough branch of the National Reserve.

Council proposes to borrow £4500 to pay off previous loans due.

Council pays £100 towards the Marlborough war fund.


Mr J. J. Corry re-elected Mayor.


The Express publishes a casualty Roll of Honour daily and runs advertisements calling for more men to join up. Many Marl­borough casualties at the Dardanelles.

A tender of 3/6 per chain is accepted from Mr H. Mears for fencing Waterlea Park.


Council records its appreciation of the valour of New Zealand troops at the Dardanelles.

A tender of £1 per day to supply a team of horses is accepted from Mr W. J. Simmonds.

Council pays £250 to the wounded men's fund and the fund for dependants of killed men.


Many concerts, fetes and functions are held to raise money for the war effort.

Council proposes Blenheim to Government as a suitable place for an ammunition factory.

Council presents Councillor Graham Griffiths with a wristlet watch on his leaving Council to join the Army. (He lost his life accidentally in Egypt.)


Council conveys its condolences to the family of the late Mr S. P. Macnab who was for many years a barrister and solictor in Blenheim.


Council proposes a vote of sympathy to the next-of-kin of the following killed at the Dardanelles: Privates G. Hennessy, F. Morrison, A. Collins, Sam Penny, A. Bull, Sgt H. White.


21: A ratepayers' poll is against the buying of 397 acres at the Wither settlement for a public park. The land was offered at £4000.

Rates 23/4d in £, Hospital 3/4 d, special 3/4d; rates produce £4920. Borough valuatio n£430,250; estimates £6228.

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