The First Hundred - 1914


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Mayor: Mr E. S. Parker

Councillors: Messrs W. Carr, B. J. Cooke, A. J. Curry, G. Patchett, G. Griffiths, E. H Eccles, F. Birch, J. H. Holdaway, W. D. Pike.


Mr Jack Branton operates a motor taxi in Blenheim.

A great commotion in His Majesty's Theatre when a Chinaman stabbed a man who attacked him during the pictures. The Chinaman was acquitted and the man fined £10 for assault.


17: The New Zealand swimming championships are held in Blenheim.

26: Council resolves to inform a national shipping line that Marlborough will run its own Wellington-Picton service if better facilities are not provided.


The Mayor's allowance is £100.

A large portion of the Marlborough crop is burnt in a huge fire at J. J. Corry's grain store near Eckford's Wharf. Some 22,000 sacks of barley and 2400 sacks of seed peas were de­stroyed. A week later Messrs Clouston's store and contents were burnt down with a great loss estimated at £12,000.


An article in The Express assures readers that there is nothing immoral in dancing the Tango.


Mr J. J. Corry becomes Mayor.

The Borough has the following accounts: General, institute, licensing, baths, town hall, water and drainage, street widening, gas.

Council allows pictures to be shown on a Sunday evening. Council's share in the cost of the new ferro-concrete bridge over the Opawa is 291/2


Forty-six persons apply for the position of gas manager; Mr D. Morton appointed at £190 per annum.


Council has loan money totalling £26,410.


6: Blenheim crowded with enthusiastic people when it is learnt that Britain and Germany are at war. Time and again the thrilling strains of "Rule Britannia" echoed in Market Place. The Mayor and leading citizens addressed the crowd from the Rotunda.

Citizens rush to buy flour and sugar. A Mayoress's fund, es­tablished to help pay for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, collects over £1000 in a week. Many Marlborough men rush to join up.

Council owns a sunshine recorder and daily readings are taken by Mr Rex Dunckley.


Council designates parking places for cars in the Borough; for example, 12 cars are allowed in Market Place.

24: Council proposes to borrow £5000 to buy 1000 acres of the Wither Hills for a park.


29: Mr William Pollard, of the Delta sheep station, donates £4000 to Council for the purchase and improvement of a part of the Waterlea farm (40 acres). Mr R. McCallum donates £500 worth of water rights on the property. Mr J. R. Rothwell foregoes his pre-emption to the frontage of the land and gives a chain strip of access. Mr F. Stephenson Smith surveys the land at no fee.


Council adopts the Wellington City Council standing orders.


Mr R. McCallum is re-elected Member for Wairau.

Mr G. M. Spence, hon. secretary, announces the Marlborough Law Society's Christmas holidays.

Rates 3d in £, Hospital 1-7/16d, special 5/8d; rates produce £5375. Valuation £430,000; estimates £6959.

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