The First Hundred - 1913


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Mayor: Mr J. J. Corry

Councillors: Messrs W. J. Girling, E. S. Parker, A. J. Curry, E. H. Eccles, W. D. Pike, G. Griffiths, J. H. Holdaway, L. Homes, G. Patchett, F. Birch, W. Carr, B. J. Cooke, J. H. Scott.


Council considers major undertakings. A water and drainage scheme at £107,000, a new High Street Bridge at £1250, and a new Opawa River concrete bridge for £2500.


A serious clash took place in Council when Councillor Parker refused to obey the orders of the Mayor and discontinue ad­dressing questions to Councillor Carr on the proposed licence fee for His Majesty's Theatre in High Street. Mr John Brown, the Building Inspector, gave a good report on the theatre build­ing but Council refused to grant a licence. The fee was reduced at the next meeting by 75%.

11: Many Blenheim people attend the unveiling of the Captain Cook Memorial at Ship Cove by the Governor, the Earl of Liverpool. At the next meeting of the Monument Committee plans were discussed for a larger memorial on Motuara Island.

It is the Fire Brigade's practice to pay 15/- to the first person who brings a horse to the station for pulling the fire engine when an alarm is given. There was keen competition.


Rechabites hold a national conference in Blenheim.


The Council becomes the licensing authority for motor cars in Marlborough. Fees: cars £1, motor-cycles 10/6. The follow­ing limits were imposed: 8 miles per hour in inner areas and 6 miles per hour around corners; general limit, 15 miles per hour.

Plumbing and drainlaying by-laws passed.


Mr E. S. Parker elected Mayor.


Council grants the Beautifying Society £250 for work on Borough reserves.


High Street West Bridge completed for £2661. A brass tablet was placed on the bridge.

After employing a resident engineer for nine months to complete employing a water and drainage scheme, Council, as a result of a public poll, drops the scheme and dispenses with the engineer's services.


Council widens many Borough streets.


Council asphalts two miles of footpaths.

At the Blenheim Magistrate's Court, a man was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for using obscene language in the train.

There was great division of opinion on the proposal to build a new hospital in Blenheim. No agreement could be reached re­garding the site.


27: Mrs F. Elliot was killed in the first fatal road accident in Marlborough.


Blenheim appears unaffected by a national strike of workers. The strike had little success. Some produce could not be shipped north.

The Express refers to the Member for Wairau, Mr R. McCallum, as "Our wrangling Richard".


Scotch whisky is 5/6 a bottle, a new five-seater Ford touring motor car £190.

Wintringham & Mitchell submit plans to Council for a motor car garage; permit granted.

Population 4048, area 1571 acres. Rates 3d in E, Hospital 31/2d, special 3/4d; rates produce £3980. Valuation £418,772, esti­mates £5380.

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