The First Hundred - 1912


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Mayor: Mr E. H. Penny

Councillors: Messrs A. Wiffen, L. Homes, E. S. Parker, W. Carr, G. Griffiths, J. J. Corry, F. Birch, E. H. Eccles, W. J. Girling, J. H. Scott, B. J. Cooke.


13: Dr Walker is elected first president of the Blenheim Amateur Swimming & Lifesaving Club.


Council agrees to increase its workmen's wages 1/- per day when working with tar or in wet ditches.

Plans passed for the building of the new Marlborough Hotel.


The Mayor attends the foundation stone laying ceremony at the site of the new House of Parliament, Wellington.

Three Wairau electors petition the Election Court against the return of Mr R. McCallum as Member for Wairau, charging corrupt practices. The charge was dismissed and the petitioners ordered to pay costs.


Moving pictures generate big audiences in Blenheim. A great success was a film called "Mother", the story of a mother's concern for her innocent son who is to hang for murder. The warden's daughter saves the day with a desperate dash on horse­back with proof of his innocence, minutes before the execution.


Motorists are required to stop if the driver of an approaching vehicle holds up his hand.

Mr J. J. Corry elected Mayor.


Mr A. M. Hale donates 100 cabbage trees to the newly-formed Blenheim Beautifying Society. The Society mounts Blenkinsopp's cannon in Seymour Square and Mr H. Hoar donates an inscribed tablet.

The Blenheim Amateur Swimming & Lifesaving Club requests Council for improvements to the swimming baths.

Council grants the Blenheim Beautifying Society £100 for beautifying Seymour Square.

The Scottish Society of Marlborough is formed; Mr J. R. Sharpe is president.


A tender of £3385 for the new High Street west bridge is ac­cepted from Mr W. Woolf.


The following applied for appointment as Borough solicitor: Messrs A. Rogers, Conolly & Burden, W. Sinclair, G. M. Spence and W. T. Churchward. Mr Rogers was appointed.

13: His Majesty's Theatre is opened in Blenheim by Mr R. McCallum, M.P., who suggested that the theatre should be acquired by the Blenheim Borough Council. The first perform­ance was by the Blenheim Liedertafel which sang under the direction of Mr E. Rose. Mr E. S. Parker was the owner.


The proposal that the Spring Creek River Board, Lower Wairau River Board, and the Wairau Harbour Board should amalga­mate, met with bitter opposition from many members.

The Wairau Women's Political Reform League meets in Blenheim.

Mr John Sturrock is appointed the first Borough Engineer; £550 per annum.


28: Hari Rore, chief of the Ngatirarua Tribe of the Wairau and grandson of Captain Blenkinsopp, dies at the Wairau Pa.


The Mayor receives complimentary tickets to the cricket match Wairau versus Melbourne.

The Council gives Messrs J. Fuller & Sons permission to present picture entertainment at His Majesty's Theatre on Christmas Day.

The Council appoints a typist, Miss R. Jordan, at 15/- per week. Rates 2 3/4d in £ Hospital 17/8d, special 1/2d, rates produce £3645. Valuation £318,165; estimates £5000.

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