The First Hundred - 1910


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Mayor: Mr A. McCallum

Councillors: Messrs W. J. Girling, F. Adams, E. S. Parker, E. H. Penny, F. Birch, W. Carr, R. F. Priddle, J. J. White.. F. W. Dodson, A. Wiffen.


Correspondents to The Express pull no punches in public critic­ism. The Council is described as exhibiting ineptitude and childish spleen. The Mayor "has but transitory lapses into commonsense and occasionally in his more lucid intervals utters frank and truthful statements."


Council considers a comprehensive drainage scheme for Blen­heim.


Mr E. H. Penny becomes Mayor.

Council, which has contributed £750 to the Spring Creek (Wairau) Bridge, lodges a formal objection against making any contribution to the Wairau Bridge at Kaituna.

Council borrows £1000 to build a cool store at the abattoirs.

7: Blenheim learns of the death of King Edward VII.

The Mayor proclaims George V King of the British Nation, Ire­land and the Dominions, and Emperor of India.

19: Council expresses its deep sorrow on the death of King Edward VII and offers its humble and loyal devotion to King George V.

Council rents its chambers to the Harmonic Society at 5/- per evening.


Council lets the Town Hall to the British Picture Co. for cinema shows on three nights per week and Saturday afternoons.

13: St. Patrick's Hall and the old convent buildings in Maxwell Road burnt down.


A committee set up to consider the provision of a public con­venience in town has the Mayor and five councillors as members. Council proposes to borow £20,800 to pay off three previous loans that had become due.


Council offers the P. & T. Department land in High Street for the erection of a post office, on condition that Council is provided with Chambers in the new building. The offer is with­drawn after vigorous protests by ratepayers.

Council subsidises the nightwatchman, Mr J. Washington, 3/- per week for looking after Borough property.


The Musical Competition Society gives a concert in the Town Hall. Mr T. F. Bull is secretary.

10: The foundation stone of the new Methodist Church, Spring-lands, laid by Mr J. Conolly; contractors, Messrs Ward & Sons, £350.


The Express reports six accidents involving horse-drawn vehicles in one day.

Council accepts an offer of a water and drainage scheme from the Christchurch City Engineer at a fee of 100 guineas. The estimated cost was water £1960, drainage £2580.


Blenheim has 25 miles of formed streets (there are 49.5 today).


The average rent for three-bedroomed houses is 12/- weekly. Board and lodgings 15/- per week.

Rates 2 3/4d in £, Hospital 1-13/16d, special 1-3/16d. Valua­tion £303,654; estimates £4944.

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