The First Hundred - 1909


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Mayor: Mr A. McCallum

Councillors: Messrs W. Ching, L. Griffiths, J. McKinley, G. Patchett, J. Brown, W. H. Macey, J. J. White, W. Carr, F. Birch, F. Adams, F. W. Dodson, W. J. Girling, E. S. Parker, E. H. Penny, R. F. Priddle.


Council appoints Mr James Murray caretaker of the Town Hall and Seymour Square at £100 per annum.

Mr H. Huddleston requests Council to build a new bridge at High Street west (over the Taylor River).


A tender for ditch cleaning is won by Mr G. W. Gilmore at 1/3 per chain.

Blenheim learns that the s.s. Penguin has sunk in Cook Strait; 75 lives, including Marlborough people, were lost.


The Abattoir manager, Mr A. Mills, reports that 815 cattle, 8117 sheep, 1793 lambs, 625 pigs and 45 calves have been killed  in the past 12 months.


Mr A. McCallum re-elected Mayor.

Council proposes to borrow £1000 to cover its 20% share in the cost of the Wairau Bridge at Spring Creek.


Messrs Gosling & Son's tender of £175 is accepted to form a new road from Maxwell Road through Goodman's Stables to High Street (this was Queen Street).


A woman and two children were burnt to death in a house fire in Whitney Street.


Mr W. G. Cresswell, on a motor cycle, was the first person to cross the newly-built Ferry Bridge over the Wairau. Messrs McWilliams & Andrews were the contractors.

Council donates £50 to the Marlborough Jubilee Association. A balance from the Boer War Patriotic Fund of £150, by per­mission of the Minister of Defence, is put towards the swimming baths fund.


1: Marlborough holds its 50th anniversary celebrations. Minis­ters and M.P.s visited Blenheim. The big crowds in town were entertained by bands and processions.

5: The Kaikoura Sun claims that the first moa's egg known to science was found in Marlborough. This was sent to London and sold for 100 guineas. (It was recently returned to New Zealand.)

Sgt-Major Mason, officer-in-charge of the Blenheim Police for 11 years, retires. He was the last New Zealand policeman to hold that rank.

Rates 2d in £, Hospital 15/16d, special 1-13/32d; rates produce £2553. Valuation 006,463.

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