The First Hundred - 1908


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Mayor Mr A. McCallum

Councillors: Messrs W. Ching, J. McKinley, J. Brown, W. H. Macey, W. Carr, F. Birch, L. Griffiths, G. Patchett, J. J. White.


By-law passed governing the use of motor and other vehicles in Blenheim. Drivers are prohibited from driving furiously, using foul or insulting language, and carrying the corpses of persons who have died of infectious diseases.

23: Large fire in Blenheim with destruction of Masonic Hall, Madden's Fruiterers, Sowman's Tobacconists, Young's Bakery., Benning's Building, Anstice & Co., Iles's Tailors, a jeweller's shop and other premises.


Clara Butt gives a concert in Blenheim.

19: The Loyal Orange Lodge opens the Orange Hall in Main Lodge Orange which was built by Mr W. Carr.


A committee led by the Mayor (Mr A. McCallum) travels to Ship Cove to select a site for the Captain Cook Memorial. Council advertises for a Gasworks manager; salary £150 per annum, free house and power. Applicants had to submit proof of sobriety. Mr F. Taylor from Hastings was appointed.


10: Archdeacon Grace dedicates the Church of the Nativity, Butt Memorial Chancel and the Carter Memorial Organ.


Mr E. S. Parker advertises that he will "not be responsible for anybody crushed to death" at his great cycle and sundries sale. Mr A. McCallum is re-elected Mayor.


The shoeing of four Council horses is divided between four blacksmiths — one horse each.


Saturday evenings were lively in Blenheim. Street preachers were out in force and the town had its share of drunks, one of whom generated a large following by loudly proclaiming up and down the street that he was the King of China.


Council borrows £5500 for the Gasworks and roading.


Mr J. Duncan, an independent, is elected to the Wairau seat. Rates 3d in £, Hospital 21/2d, special 11/4d; rates produce £2142. Valuation £171,369; estimates £3454.10.0.

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