The First Hundred - 1907


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Mayor: Mr E. H. Penny

Councillors: Messrs J. J. White, G. Patchett, G. H. Mogridge, J. Brown, W. D. Pike, L. Griffiths, F. Birch, J. McKinley, W. Carr, W. H. Macey, W. Ching, A. Wiffen.


Council buys a Dresden piano for the Town Hall for £97.2.6.

11: With a larger machine in its new building in High Street, The Express increases its size to eight pages daily.

20: The Marlborough Saleyards Company holds its first sale on a nine-acre section east of Howick Road, between Cleghorn Street and Hospital Road. Selling was conducted by the Otago Malting Company, Dalgety & Co., Levin & Co., W. E. Clouston & Co. Free lunch and refreshments were provided. Contractor for the yards, Mr Berry.


9: The Redwood Domain is re-named Horton Park and de­clared a recreation ground. It had been a stock-resting reserve and a racecourse.

Council borrows £4000 for the Town Hall furnishings, the Nelson Street Bridge, sinking new wells and new retorts for the Gasworks.


Mr W. H. Eyes, first member for Wairau, dies.


Mr A. McCallum is elected Mayor.

The Council overdraft is £1984.

Quarter-acre sections sell at £75.10.0 in Blenheim.


Council resolves to vacate its rooms in the Government Building to avoid expensive litigation, and the office is moved to the Gas­works.

The Borough foreman, Mr J. O'Meager, is instructed to have a rubbish dump marked out at the Taylor River.

Up to three steamers are tied up at the Blenheim wharves at a time.


Large public meeting held by the Marlborough Land & Railway League to urge Government to continue the railway from Seddon to Ward. A large deputation also sees the Minister of Public Works regarding a bridge over the Wairau.

regarding bridg grants its Gasworks stoker an annual holiday of one week with pay.


The newly-formed Reserves Committee presents its report. It recommends that a portion of its reserve (Seymour Square) should be given to widening High Street.


 Council considers leasing the Town Hall (the present building) and erecting a new one in High Street. It proposes to borrow £8000 for the new building.

26: The proclamation declaring New Zealand a Dominion (it had been a Colony) is read in Market Place by the Mayor, Mr A. McCallum.


Council considers leasing the Gasworks for £1000 per annum.


First amateur boxing match held in Blenheim; Mr G. Bush referee.

Population 3351. Rates 3d in £, Hospital 1-11/16d, special Y8d; rates produce £2144. Valuation £172,154 unimproved, £387,963 capital. Estimates £3353.10.0; area 1571 acres.

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