The First Hundred - 1906


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Mayor: Mr E. H. Penny

Councillors: Messrs J. J. White, G. Patchett, G. H. Mogridge, J. Brown, W. D. Pike, F. Birch, A. Wiffen, W. Ching, W. Carr.


Mr J. J. White appointed deputy Mayor.

Messrs W. E. Clouston & Co. erect a new grain store on the corner of High and Sinclair Streets. It was 114 feet by 63 feet with a 1 1/2-inch kauri floor.

A Borough councillor whose cow had strayed into a neighbour's paddock was accused of addressing the "bovine wanderer of the dewy morn" in "other than Parliamentary language".


5: The Blenheim Club is granted its charter by Cabinet.

Subscription lists are opened for a fund to build a memorial to Captain Cook at Ship Cove.


Mr E. S. Parker and Mr L. Griffiths travel to Nelson in a motor car in seven hours.

Mr J. Muir, first gas manager and Borough engineer, dies. Council grants his widow £100 gratuity.


Council receives 25 applications as Borough engineer. Mr C. R. Pease, of Christchurch, appointed at £250 per annum. He re­signed after a year.

17: A Blenheim Rowing Club four, J. Jackson, E. Hegglun, W. J. Girling, J. Morrison, G. Lucas (cox) won the New Zealand champion fours on Picton Harbour.


The Chamber of Commerce presses for a Blenheim Harbour Board.

Mr E. H. Penny again Mayor.


A tender of £497 from Mr G. Gibson is accepted for a new A. & P. grandstand.

11: Blenheim learns of the death of the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. "Dick" Seddon.


The Marlborough Labourers' Union requests Council for a wage increase to 8/- per day. Council refers the request to the engineer. He reports the matter should be decided by the Works Committee. They decide that a full Council should de­cide the matter. Council resolves to hold a special meeting. No action was taken at this meeting.

In reply to an accusation, Council informs the Labourers' Union that it does not pay the lowest wages in New Zealand.

19: The new Blenheim Railway Station (the present building) is opened by the Hon. Colonel Pitt.


Council refuses to vacate its offices in the Government Building after having been given notice to do so by Government. Gov­ernment threatens legal action, but Council sits tight.


The launch Maritana strikes a submerged object in the Opawa River; nine persons drowned.


27: The Criterion Hotel is burnt down.

Population 3351. Rates 3d in £, Hospital 2 3/8, special 7/8 d; rates produce £2141.10.0. Valuation £172,154 unimproved; £387,965 capital value. Estimates £3362.

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