The First Hundred - 1905


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Mayor: Mr W. H. Macey

Councillors: Messrs G. Patchett, G. H. Mogridge, W. Ching, J. Lees, E. H. Penny, W. D. Pike, W. B. Green, A. Wiffen, J. J. Conolly, F. Birch, J. J. White, F. Shaw, J. Brown, E. James, W. Carr.


Miss L. M. Robinson is appointed first Librarian.

Mr C. H. Mills, Member for Wairau, advises Council that a new railway station will be built in Blenheim.

Up to £100,000 is advertised as available on loan at 5%.

St. Patrick's Hall, Maxwell Road, enlarged to 75 feet by 25 feet.


An increase in the price of bread to 7d per 4 lb loaf is an­nounced by Blenheim bakers — J. H. Scott, F. Daniels, W. Young, G. Wilkins, R. Laing and C. Marple.

Lower Wairau Rivers Board supplies Council with soil at 1/-per yard for filling Collie's Hollow and Lock-up Creek.


Mr E. H. Penny elected Mayor.

Council declares a public holiday on account of the New Zealand Egg-Laying Competition at Fairhall.

Council urges Government to extend the railway from Seddon to Flaxbourne.

Mr J. Stark is appointed caretaker of Seymour Square at a salary of £18 per annum.

31: There are large public meetings and much local argument regarding a town hall for Blenheim.


28: The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce winds up its affairs and goes into recess. It re-formed three weeks later.

The Blenheim Methodist quarterly meeting was held at the home of Mr W. Avery, Fairhall; Rev. G. W. Spence, president.


Blenheim shops close at 6 pm daily, 10 pm Saturday and 1 pm Wednesday.


28: The Otago Malting Company store near the Railway Station is burnt to the ground.

The Bank of New Zealand arranges a £4000 loan at 43/4 % for building of the Town Hall. There is considerable local con­troversy over the siting of the hall. Council is divided.


17: Government gives Council, under Land Act 1892, part of allotment 325 for a town hall site. The site was virtually a riverbed (Lock-Up Creek) which the Council had to drain and fill. It was opposite W. Carr's store (Hopwood-Bendall today) in Market Street.

A man occupies the Rotunda in Market Place for two hours, giving a speech on the "Corrupt Administration of Justice in New Zealand." He was cheered by a large crowd.

The A. & P. Association holds its annual show on a piece of land between Maxwell and Howick Roads.


1: Council resolves that the Town Hall will be 49ft 6in x 128ft. It was designed by Mr A. E. Austin and built by Mr W. Osgood for £3272.

A Borough Council horse wins first prize in the A. & P. Show. Council gives the £1.1.0 prize to the driver, Mr J. A. Wooster. The Hon. C. H. Mills re-elected Member for Wairau.

An expert on etiquette condemns the sending of post cards with such remarks as "My daughter Annie is missing, she must have been murdered" or "My husband Bertie died today; so fortunate we live near a cemetery".

Population 3250. Rates 2 1/2d in £, Hospital 27/8d, special 3/8d; rates produce £1793. Valuation £172,154; estimates £2932.10.0. Area of Borough 1571 acres.

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