The First Hundred - 1904


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Mayor: Mr W. H. Macey

Councillors: Messrs E. James, W. Ching, G. Patchett, J. J. White, W. Carr, R. F. Priddle, J. Scott, F. Shaw, E. H. Penny, J. J. Conolly, W. B. Green, C. Patchett, and Capt. T. Eckford.


1: The Chamber of Commerce makes submissions to the Rail­ways regarding the differential tariff rates and stresses the need for a new station in Blenheim.

23: The appearance in High Street of an elephant and a camel from a circus causes a horse to bolt. It collided with a lamp­post and then a fruiterer's stall, scattering cases and fruit in all directions.


Council raises the Mayor's honorarium to £70 and grants him a telephone.


Council receives correspondence from the Marlborough Labour movement regarding the Borough labourers' wages.

Council reprimands its Engineer for authorising the trimming of the Seymour Square hedge without permission of the full Council. 14: The first photograph, that of the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, is printed in The Express.

Mr R. W. H. D. Dunn advertises the annual meeting of the Farmers' Union.


A woman publicly states that the "indescribable shock" she re­ceived upon viewing mixed bathing convinced her that this evil was responsible for girls with painted faces.

Council refuses the use of Seymour Square for football and ad­vises the Rival Football Club that the reserve opposite the Marl­borough Club is available.


Councillor E. H. Penny is appointed the first deputy Mayor.

9: The Marlborough Poultry Association holds its 17th annual show, with Mr F. Shaw as president.


27: A Marlborough women's representative hockey team travels to Wellington to compete in a tournament.

Council accepts Robert Register's tender of 4/6 per yard for gravel.


By-laws passed governing heavy traffic; maximum load on streets and bridges and maximum speed on bridges 5 mph.

Mr W. J. Perano is operating launch trips in the Moana from Blenheim to the Wairau Bar for 2/-.

17: The Marlborough Exhibition is opened in Blenheim by the Governor, Lord Plunket. There were many entries of machinery, historic objects, and displays. Many national firms exhibited. There were competitions, concerts and side shows. It ran for two weeks and proved a splendid success.


The Blenheim Bowling Club holds its annual meeting. Mr T. Scott-Smith was president.


Council considers borrowing £4000 for a town hall and concert chambers on a section bounded by High, Seymour and Henry Streets.

Rates 2 1/2d in £, Hospital 3 1/4d in £. Rates produce £1654; valuation £162,259 unimproved; estimates £2752.12.0; bank overdraft £428.11.3. (A change in the basis of valuation and rating had taken place since the previous year.)

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