The First Hundred - 1903


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Mayor: Mr R. McCallum

Councillors: Messrs W. H. Macey, J. Scott, E. H. Penny, E. James, C. Purkiss, W. Ching, R. Priddle, R. Smale, W. E. Clouston, W. Carr, G. Patchett, F. Shaw, Capt. T. Eckford.


9: Mr A. Mowat advises of the Marlborough Collie Dog As­sociation's annual dog trials.

Mr Claude Ball catches a 30lb trout in the Opawa River.



6: The resignation, owing to ill health, of the Town Clerk, Mr William Nosworthy, who had held the appointment for 19 years, is accepted with regret.

20: Mr D. W. Sinclair appointed Town Clerk; salary £150, plus 4% on all rates collected.


The Express advertises for a mounted newspaper runner.


19: Mr E. Mead advertises a meeting to consider the re­formation of a Chamber of Commerce. Mr J. Reid was elected president.

The headmaster of the Blenheim School, Mr D. A. Sturrock, appeals against his dismissal by the Education Board. After a long, and at times bitter, hearing he was cleared of all charges. The Board, however, refused to reinstate him. His salary was withheld. This was paid in September pending a court appeal, which failed. In 1913 he was appointed Inspector of Marl­borough Schools.

Mr W. H. Macey is elected Mayor.

22: The first motor-car, an Oldsmobile, passes through Blen­heim. It was owned by Dr Redman, Mayor of Picton.


3: The Marlborough Carpenters, Bricklayers, Plumbers & Painters' Union applies to the Arbitration Court for an award of 1/6 per hour for a 45-hour week. The Court granted 1/3 in December.


13: The Blenheim Retailers' Association requests Council not to compete in the selling of gas appliances.


The Chamber of Commerce requests a meeting with Council to consider the formation of a Blenheim Harbour Board.

19: The Rotunda, a memorial to Dr Cleghorn, who had been a prominent local doctor, was declared open in Market Place.


Council decides to borrow £3500 to fill in Lock-up Creek and Collie's Hollow.

Rates 1/41/2 in £, Hospital 2 1/4d, special 2 1/2d, rates produce £1690.13.5; valuation £25,266; estimates £2920.13.5.



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