The First Hundred - 1901


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Mayor: Mr R. McArtney

Councillors: Messrs W. Nosworthy, E. H. Penny, E. James, J. G. Trevor, J. Scott, W. H. Macey, R. McCallum, R. F. Priddle, W. Ching, H. Jackson, C. Purkiss, W. E. Clouston, R. H. Smale.


24: Council learns with deep regret of the death of Queen Victoria, and expresses its great sense of loss.

27: All churches in Blenheim hold memorial services to mark the death of the Queen.

28: The Mayor, Mr R. McArtney, in Market Place, proclaims Edward VII King.


First stock sale held on present sale yards site; Mr L. Griffiths, auctioneer.


1: Council abolishes the ward system for elections.

Council resolves to borrow £2000 and take over the literary in­stitute and establish a free reading room.

Newman's run coaches to Nelson, Pickering's to Havelock, Cum­mings to Kaikoura, Heyward's to Wairau Valley and Top Valley, and West's to the Awatere and Molesworth.


High Street is widened.


8: Mr R. McCallum is elected Mayor.

Maoris from Waikawa and Wairau give a concert in Ewart's Hall under the direction of Riwai Hiwhinui.

17: The Club Hotel, run by Mrs Annie Draper, is burnt down.


Council resolves to hang photographs of all past Mayors in the chambers.

10: Council votes £2 to fill up hollows in Seymour Square.


Lee Street is formed, 36 feet wide, with a 15-foot footpath and trees planted every half chain.


Council requests the Minister of Health to reconsider the ap­pointment of an officer of health based in Nelson.


Council has great drainage problems.


At a Volunteer Rifle Brigade shoot, the score was: Volunteer Hegglun 174, Vol, Simmonds 1.40, Sgt Reardon 170, Sgt Parker 167, Vol. Hadfield 133, Vol. Tapp 159, Vol. Brayshaw 159, Vol. Jackson 149.

The foundation stone of the Catholic Convent is laid in Maxwell Road by Bishop Redwood. Built by Bythell & Co. for £1000, it was completed and occupied six months later.

Population 3222. Rates 1/11/4 in £, Hospital 2 1/4d, special 2 1/2d. Rates produce £1338.12.9; rateable value £24,247; esti­mates £2238.

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