The First Hundred - 1900


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Mayor: Mr R. McArtney

Councillors: Messrs E. H. Penny, J. G. Trevor, J. Scott, W. Ching, H. Jackson, R. F. Priddle, R. McCallum, W. H. Macey, F. Shaw.


Mr S. M. Neville sends a horse to South Africa for the Boer War troops. It was named Blenheim, and arrived at Capetown in good condition.


18 Mr F. J. Litchfield, first Mayor, dies.

Many patriotic concerts and fund-raising efforts are held in Blenheim for troops in the Boer War.

Council advertises that the depositing of rubbish in the Borough streets is an offence.


Council gasworks stokers have their hours reduced to nine per day.

26: The Marlborough High School is opened in the Sunday School room of the Church of the Nativity. (It was transferred to the Stephenson Street site in 1901.)


18: Blenheim hears the news about the relief of Mafeking from the Editor of The Express, who made an announcement from the office steps. All shops closed, flags and bunting were put up. Bands paraded the streets and there were merry scenes late into the night.

Council institutes an "Indian Famine Relief Fund".


1: Blenkinsopp's cannon was tested and fired. It was found to be in good condition.


Mr R. McArtney is elected first president of the Wairau Trotting Club.


The Mayor's honorarium is increased to £50.


Council reprimands the impounder for impounding stock during and after a flood.

9: The Blenheim Naval Artillery fires a salute in honour of the Prince of Wales' birthday.


Council votes £5 to be used as bounty for small bird eggs and heads, and £25 to be used to buy comforts for New Zealand troops in South Africa.

Under the terms of the Municipal Corporations Act, Council re­duces hawkers' licence fees from £10 to £1 per annum. 13: Dr Innes presents his first Marlborough High School report to the Board of Governors.

The Member for Wairau, Mr C. H. Mills, becomes Minister of Labour.

Publication of "Old Marlborough" by Mr T. Lindsay Buick. It was the first local history book, and 300 copies were issued. Rates 1/11/2 in £, Hospital 2d, special rate 2 1/2d. Rates realise £1342.17.1; rateable value £23,872; estimates £2192.17.1.

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