The First Hundred - 1899


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Mayor: Mr J. G. Trevor

Councillors: Messrs W. H. Macey, E. James, T. Smale, J. Conolly, W. Ching, R. McCallum, F. Shaw, J. Jackson, J. Scott, R. F. Priddle, R. McArtney.


10: The Governor, Lord Ranfurly, visits Blenheim.

A man and a horse are killed by lightning on the outskirts of Blenheim.


The Blenheim School Committee requests the Education Board to convert the boys' school into a district high school.


Council prohibits the use of barbed wire on any fence in the Borough streets.

Council erects a firebell tower in Alfred Street; cost £70.

The shops of Mr J. O'Sullivan, bootmaker, and Messrs Smale & Hay, drapers, burnt out in Market Street South (the site of the later James Hay & Sons and since then Frank Patchett Ltd).

An advertiser informs young ladies and budding maidens that their blood needs cleaning. Bile Beans will eradicate "common red pimples, blackheads, and foulness after eating," and Loasby's Wahoo cures "pains on the right side of the shoulder and specks before the eyes."


A correspondent describes Blenheim streets as horrible quag­mires, and veritable sloughs of despondency.


28: The Marlborough High School Bill has its second reading in the House.


A printers' team plays a lawyers', bankers' and retailers' team, and a Fire Brigade team plays a Garrison Band team at rugby.

Mr J. Fawcett's tender of £575 is accepted for the building of Eckford's Wharf.


10: First contingent of Blenheim Mounted Rifles, commanded by Lieut. D. Chaytor, leaves for camp en route to the Transvaal to fight in the Boer War. War was declared on October 13, and the Contingent arrived in South Africa on November 2.


Mr Robert McArtney is elected Mayor.

7: Mr C. H. Mills re-elected as Member for Wairau.

23: Mr W. H. Field suggests there should be a Cook Strait ferry service from Picton.

Rates 1/1 1/2 in £, Hospital 2d, special 2 1/2d, gas rate 6d. Rates produce £1336.5.6, Borough valuation £23,756, estimates £2311.5.6.

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