The First Hundred - 1898


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Mayor: Mr E. Purser

Councillors: Messrs W. H. Macey, J. G. Trevor, A. J. Farmar, J. Jackson, R. McArtney, R. F. Priddle, W. Ching, R. McCallum, R. H. Smale, J. Conolly.


Mr Claude Ball catches a 30lb trout in the Wairau River.

Messrs Adams & Sons purchase a vacant section in Market Street next to the Criterion Hotel, for the building of three shops.

Council grants £5 to the Marlborough Land & Railway League which is pressing for an extension of the railway to the Awatere.


A man who has imbibed freely challenges all and sundry to a fight in Market Place. He was "run in" by the "man in blue".

Redwood Bros sell flour at £12.10.0 per ton.


18: Three councillors sign an order stopping the sinking of a pump in Market Place which had been authorised by the Mayor.

Council proposes to sink an artesian well, install a Douglas pump and erect a drinking trough in Market Place; cost £15.

A Gas Committee report describes as folly and imprudence the paying of £14,000 by a previous Council for the gasworks.


The Prime Minister, the Hon. R. J. Seddon, visits Blenheim.

17: The shop of Mr J. O'Sullivan, tailor, in Market Street North, is destroyed by fire. It was between Mr Ball's Oyster Salon and Misses Brewer, dressmakers. The property was owned by Mr F. Smith.


The Wairau Amateur Dramatic Society presents "Les Cloches" in Blenheim.

Council decides to petition the Premier for a second bridge over the Opawa.


Rate of interest on Council's bank overdraft is 5%.

The Mayor and Councillor McCallum go to Wellington to peti­tion the Minister of Railways for relief of Grove Road flooding.


The Council lamp-lighter is paid £1 per week (he rode round on horseback).

22: Work commences on the extension of the railway from Blenheim to the Awatere, following the purchase and subdivision by Government of the Starborough Estate near Seddon.


1: Local entertainment on Anniversary Day includes the Marl­borough Racing Club's spring meeting, an excursion to Port Underwood by s.s. Opawa, prize firing n at Vernon butts, and Wesleyan and Presbyterian Sunday school picnics.

21: Mr J. G. Trevor elected Mayor.


Great commotion in Market Place on account of an unexplained explosion. Some said it was Blenkinsopp's cannon, one old lady feared the Russians had arrived, others claimed a madman was loose. Order was restored when it was found that a bicycle tyre had burst.

Valuation £23,782, rates produce £1058.9.9, expenditure £3715 12.0, estimates £2503.10.3. Rates 1/11/2 in £, Hospital 31/4d, special 21/2d.

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