The First Hundred - 1897


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Mayor: Mr T. Horton

Councillors: Messrs R. McArtney, J. Trevor, W. Ching, T. Smale, J. Conolly, J. Jackson, R. McCallum, W. H. Macey, A. J. Farmar.


High Street bridge asphalted.

The Education Board advertises for a truant officer, £20 per annum.

The tariff at the Masonic Hotel is 4/6 per day.

"The new woman" is condemned as being a female larrikin who wears an expansive smile, carries a walking stick, and wears no gloves on the street, thus "baring her hands to the gaze of men."


12: The steamer Neptune is wrecked at the Wairau Bar. No loss of life.


The Blenheim Choral Society presents "Iolanthe".

The Telephone Department advises the public it will not give telephonic connections to any house used for illegal, immoral or improper purposes.


A resident is fined £2 and 20/- costs for being drunk in charge of a horse and trap.

Mr R. Allan, a draper, advertises that to make up for the poor potato crop he will sell suits cheaply at 21/-.


24: Mr E. Purser is elected Mayor.


Tender of £95 by Mr D. Wemyss accepted for the Band Rotunda in Seymour Square.

Rates produce £1459; Borough estimates, £2325.10.6. Rates 1/11/2 in £, Hospital 2 1/2d in £, inner rate 6d. Rateable value £24,852, Borough expenditure £3826.

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