The First Hundred - 1896


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Mayor: Mr T. Horton

Councillors: Messrs R. H. Smale, A. J. Farmar, H. L. Jackson, R. McArtney, R. McCallum, W. Ching, J. Trevor, J. Conolly, W. H. Macey.


The Mayor's honorarium is raised to £50 per annum.


The huge quantities of shingle carried down by the Taylor River are causing the bed to become progressively higher in the town area. This leaves little margin during freshes before the water flows over the banks and floods the town.

The season's primary produce exported through the Port of Blenheim was worth £123,355.


A visitor to Blenheim, upon inquiring as to the whereabouts of the lunatic asylum, is directed by a local wag to the Blenheim Borough Council Chambers.

A suggestion that X-rays be published in the paper brings the comment that domestic skeletons could be photographed in their very cupboards. Now was the time to cry halt to the march of civilisation.


22: Mr T. B. Bax, who holds the world club-swinging record, opens a gymnasium in Blenheim.

Great consternation prevailed amongst the trustees of the Wesleyan Church when the Rev. T. Fea was about to close the service without a collection having been taken. One of them rushed up to the pulpit and remedied the error.


Monsieur Aujard teaches the lancers and the new skirt dance, and Mr A. D. Vannini builds a dancing room in Blenheim (Vannini's Hall, Customhouse Street, opposite Redwood's flour mill).


The Poultry & Dog Association holds its 10th annual show, in the old Ewart's Hall, High Street.

Council votes £60 to the Lower Wairau Board for flood protec­tion work.

24: Blenheim is flooded. Streets impassable.


Mr D. McCallum runs a regular weekly coach service to Kai­koura in 10 1/2 hours.


4: Blenheim is flooded. All streets impassable. The Governor, Lord Glasgow, visits Blenheim.


5: A gas explosion occurs in the Bank of New Zealand. Con­siderable damage but no casualties.


Mr C. H. Mills wins the Wairau seat in the general election. Borough valuation £26,528; credit balance in bank, £287; rates 1 / 11/2 in £.

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