The First Hundred - 1895


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Mayor: Mr T. Horton

Councillors: Messrs R. McCallum, R. McArtney, J. Conolly, A. J. Farmar, J. Trevor, R. H. Smale, E. James, C. Ryan, T. Dunckley.


Under the Shops Act, Council declares Wednesday afternoon as a weekly half holiday.

A barber effects a compromise with the Telegraph Office en­abling him to use the lower portion of their poles, which he paints red, white and blue.


A scandal is reported regarding a penny race meeting sweep held by a group of schoolboys in the W.C.T.U. Rooms in Blenheim.


The superintendent of Wairau Hospital, Dr Cleghorn, is given a salary increase from £100 to £250 per annum.


A retailer refers in The Express to an opposition retailer as "The fat pirate of Blenheim who copies advertising styles".


At a Marlborough Rugby Union meeting, players who utter "foul, unnecessary adjectival expletives" are criticised. The Union resolves to erect notices prohibiting swearing.

Council requests the Government to endow the Borough with a piece of land. It is the Kahautara block, 39,513 acres in extent. Mr T. Lindsay Buick, Member for Wairau, presented the petition, but it was unsuccessful.

30: Large illustrated advertisement in The Express for the sen­sational "American Steam Riding Gallery" visiting Blenheim ­in other words, a merry-go-round.


Council votes £5 to assist in small bird destruction.


The Education Board discovers that Blenheim School boys are being allowed out from 2 to 3 pm on Fridays to play football and cricket. This is a breach of the regulations.


Council is petitioned by unemployed to find them work, and £25 is voted to employ them in breaking metal for the roads.


The Express records the death of Dr Louis Pasteur.

The Blenheim Rowing Club's new boatshed is built by Mr James McKinley.

The Express reports a sensational race between petroleum motor carriages held near Paris. The winner achieved the astounding speed of 12 miles per hour.

Rates produce £1090.1.9. Rates 1/1 1/2 in £, Hospital 2d in £, special 2d in £, inner rate 6 in L Overdraft £1632.1.9, expendi­ture £4342.19.9, Borough valuation £26,528.

The local constable states that he has a clue that could lead to important developments regarding the lady on an unlit bike who ran into him while he was listening to the dulcet strains of the Garrison Band in Market Place one evening.


Portions of the Taylor riverbed is on freehold land and Council is unable to prepare flood protection work. Council decides to acquire all the riverbed under the Public Works Act.

Council instructs the Inspector of Works to prepare plans for a Band Rotunda in Seymour Square, to mark the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Cost £70.


Council writes to Mr C. H. Mills, M.H.R., asking him to request Government to build a road to Cloudy Bay.

21: Grand church procession, services and enthusiastic celebra­tions in Blenheim to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.


Council has many problems regarding the Taylor River protec­tion work.

The Borough accounts show a deficit of £11.3.9 in connection with the Queen Victoria jubilee celebrations.


9: Mr James Sinclair, often described as the "Father of Blen­heim," dies.


20: The body of a murdered man is found in the Opawa River. He had been missing for two months, and £1 19 was collected locally for his widow. His murderer was never found.

A heavy earthquake is felt in Blenheim.


11: The cinematograph is demonstrated in Blenheim. Among the films shown were "The Widow's Kiss," "Miss St. Cyr 's Serpentine Dance," and "Feeding the Elephant."

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