The First Hundred - 1894


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Mayor: Mr T. Horton

Councillors: Messrs C. Ryan, J. G. Trevor, A. J. Farmar, E. James, R. McArtney, R. McCallum, T. Dunckley, T. Smale, J. Conolly.


Council sells gas stoves on terms of 4/6 per month for four years.


22: A swimming pool is opened on the Opawa River near Grove Road. The ceremony was commenced with a grand plunge by all the organising committee. The Mayor won the 20-yard race.



A 71b 3oz potato grown by Mr C. Watson of Renwick.


13: The Grosvenor Hotel, High Street, burnt down. Mr J. Fawcett rebuilds it for £1878.


19: Officers are installed in Lodge Killarnie I.C. Mr T. Watson, W.M.


A Council Gas Committee report castigates the Council for gas finance mismanagement cver seven years, and for treating the advice of the gas manager with contempt, indifference and dis­trust. Gas bill arrears are £1166.

6: An American lady aeronaut, Miss Leila Adair, makes a balloon ascent from Waterlea, Park and lands one mile away in Mr Pike's paddock, Manse Road.


At a ratepayers' meeting one man complains that whereas he previously paid 18/- rates annually, he now has to pay the scandalous sum of £2.18.0; 160 persons sign a petition for the Council to resign.


After much discussion and a heated exchange, the Hospital Board increases a cook's weekly wage from 12/- to 14/-.

25: An exploding tin of turpentine sets fire to four shops in Market Place. (This was on the site of Girling's, which became Wright Stephenson's.)


Mr Frank Beamsley, of Grovetown, builds a 6-chain footbridge over the Omaka River on the New Renwick Road for £40.

A great sensation in Blenheim when a double murder and suicide is reported from Tophouse.


Council prohibits traction engines in the town centre during day­light.

Council refers to the Works Committee a letter from the Austin Manufacturing Co. regarding a road-making machine.


A visitor to Blenheim says that with such a huge staff (three), the Blenheim Borough Council could surely manage to light the clock and water the streets on Christmas Eve.

Mr T. Horton re-elected Mayor.

Overdraft £1993.17.11; rates 1/3 in £, Hospital 1 3/8d in £, rates produce £1108.16.4; expenditure £4305.2.4.

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