The First Hundred - 1893


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Mayor: Mr E. Bythell

Councillors: Messrs T. Smale, T. Dunckley, T. Horton, R. McArtney, J. Miller, C. Ryan, R. McCallum, W. Ching, H. F. Thompson, J. G. Trevor, J. Connolly.


No Councillors turned up for four meetings.

Qualified school teachers were paid £2 per week.


Heavy earthquake shock in Blenheim. Chimneys come down and crockery broken.


Captains of most visiting ships into Blenheim advertise that they will not be responsible for the debts of their crews.

Council engages contractor to keep Maxwell Road in good re­pair for £144 per annum.

Council calls for plans to replace Maxwell Road bridge with a culvert. Years elapsed before the work was undertaken.


Council members waxes wrathful when a member of the public refuses to remove his hat and calls them "contemptible reptiles".


6: Council overdraft £2500. The Bank refuses further credit and Council is unable to pay the staff wages. The Bank later relented.


19: Salmon ova liberated in the Wairau, Waihopai, Omaka and Opawa Rivers. Heavy floods washed ova out to sea.

Blenheim schools close on account of measles.

Council investigates the lower Maxwell Road area for construc­tion of a dam for fire-fighting purposes.


3: Mr S. J. Furness becomes the sole proprietor of The Express.


13: News is described as being "shorter than money" in Blen­heim as everybody has gone to the football, Marlborough versus Nelson. Nelson won 8-2.

Two ambulance girls who rush onto a rugby field to render aid to a prostrate player beat a hasty retreat, as his only complaint was a split pair of shorts.


7: Blenheim flooded. Shops under water.

8: The Blenheim Rowing Club holds its eighth annual meeting.

19: Women get the vote in Marlborough.


28: Mr T. Lindsay Buick re-elected Member for Wairau.


Council requests the Bank to pay the monthly staff wages. Mr T. Horton is elected Mayor.

Captain T. Eckford sails the Neptune from Kaikoura to Blen­heim in 10 hours.

Population 3294; bank overdraft £2547.4.0; expenditure, £4621.10.1; rates 1/3 in £, Hospital 13/4d in £, 21/2d special rate, 6d inner area rate. Rates to produce £1715.2.6; valuation £27,458; estimates £2869.3.4.

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