The First Hundred - 1892


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Mayor: Mr Elijah Bythell

Councillors: Messrs S. Norgrove, J. Coleman, J. Miller, R. McArtney, C. Tunnicliffe, C. Patchett, T. Smale, J. Lees, W. Ching, R. McCallum, T. Horton, T. Dunckley, H. F. Thompson.


The Express suggests to those who hold religious meetings in Market Place "more singing and shorter sermons".


26: The foundation stone of the Presbyterian Church is laid by the Moderator of the Church in New Zealand, the Rev. Dr Elmslie. Contractor is Mr D. Wemyss.


The Express refers to local auctioneers as "Knights of the Hammer".

Council test-bores for artesian well and fails. Pipe breaks at 315 feet. Operations are suspended.

Council offers £250 subsidy to the Minister of Works for a bridge over the Omaka River at the east end of High Street.


Relatives of a young man accuse him of having "outbursts of intemperance". They succeed in having him committed to a lunatic asylum.


17: The Royal Arch Chapter is founded in Blenheim. Mayor's salary increased to £30 per year.


2: Pastor Israel of the Seventh Day Adventist Church preaches in the Templar's Hall, Blenheim.

Trees are planted in Seymour Square.


An advertiser offers 1/- each for 100 cats for rabbit control.


A Mr Thompson claims that the Government should ignore the noisy agitation and fads and follies of townsfolk. In preference, Government should heed the strong silent body of country folk whose interests are inseparable from the common good.

27: The Bon Accord Independent Order of Rechabites has 55 members.


23: The new Presbyterian Church is opened.

12: Death of Joseph Ward, pioneer surveyor, originator of the term "Beaver". In his survey book he wrote "during floods we sat like beavers on piles of wood to keep above flood water".


The Editor of The Express, who has received a gift of vegetables from Mr J. Coleman, of Springlands, advises readers to follow the scriptures and "Go, ye, and do likewise".

Mr E. Bythell re-elected Mayor.

Bank overdraft £1699.2.7; rates 1/0 1/2 in £, Hospital 17/8d in £, Special 21/2d in £, Inner area rate 6d in £; Expenditure, £4316.5.6; Valuation, £27,113.

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