The First Hundred - 1891


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Mayor: Mr G. Houldsworth

Councillors: Messrs R. McArtney, J. J. Sinclair, C. Patchett, T. Smale, S. Norgrove, E. Bythell, C. Tunnicliffe, W. Ching, J. R. Hooper, J. Lees, J. Millar, J. Coleman.


Council chooses Omaka River, north of Ward Street between Dashwood and Andrew Streets, as the best place for bathing. It was called Grace's Swimming Pool after Archdeacon Grace, the Anglican minister.

The clock tower is infested with pigeons.

Council advertises for one employee to be rate collector (2 1/2 % commission), inspector of nuisances (£40 per annum), dog tax collector (20%), arrear rates (5%). Mr E. Purser appointed.


Edison's "astounding talking machine," the phonograph, is de­monstrated in Ewart's Hall.

Council considers offers of paddocks for the Borough horses: Opawa Street, 23/4 acres, £300; Redwood Street, 5 acres, £285; Freswick Street, 1 1/2 acres, £300. This was accepted.


Messrs Henry and Tom Newman bring Nelson tourists to the Wairau by coach.

27: Death of Dr Stephen Lunn Miller, a pioneer official and resident magistrate of the Wairau.


The Express reports that the form of suicide changes. Last season people were shooting themselves; the current fashion is to put their heads on the railway line.

Council overdraft £1957.5.11.


The Marlborough Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F., founded in 1860, has 113 members in Blenheim. Lodge A.O.F., founded in 1869, has 125 members. The Oddfellows, founded in April, 1850, has 70 members.


Council has £1 168.11.2 arrears in unpaid rates and gas bills. The Mayor's salary is fixed at £15.10.0 10.0 per annum.


The Blenheim Bowling Club has 45 members during its first season.


A macrocarpa hedge is planted around Seymour Square. The Borough's bank overdraft is equal to its annual revenue.


Council advertises gas as a means of cooking.


A councillor's motion that the Town Clerk's salary be reduced to £50 is defeated.

23: The Springlands Hotel is burnt down.


3: S. Macalister's tender of £2754 for the building of the Omaka Railway Bridge, by the gasworks, is accepted.

Mr E. Bythell is elected Mayor.

Expenditure £4048.16.10; rates 1/0/ 1/2 in £, Hospital 21/8d in £, Inner area rate 6d in £, special rate 2 1/2 d in £. Rates produce £1408.4.7; valuation £27,038; estimates £2548.4.7.

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