The First Hundred - 1890


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Mayor: Mr G. Houldsworth

Councillors: Messrs R. McArtney, J. J. Sinclair, C. Patchett, T. Smale, S. Norgrove, E. Bythell, C. Tunnicliffe, J. R. Hooper, W.

Ching, J. B. Green.


Council examines the advisability of forming a Dillon's Point Road.


A jockey named Alexander is disqualified from a Marlborough Racing Club meeting for calling out "Three groans for the handicapper."


A reward is offered for the recovery of a six-chambered revolver lost on the Picton-Blenheim road.

Two members of a Roads Board enliven a meeting by threatening each other with bodily harm. The chairman, who had retained a gentlemanly calm during the allegation, rose, and baring his terrible and mighty arm, threatened to smash them both. The dissenting parties quickly restored peace.

At a Marlborough local bodies' conference the following were present: Messrs G. Houldsworth, Mayor of Blenheim; A. P. Seymour, Picton; H. Dodson, Wairau; C. J. W. Griffiths, Awatere; W. Murray, Spring Creek; A. Fell, Picton; J. D. S. Ward, Wairau; J. Duncan, Pelorus.


17: A tender of £249.10.0 is accepted from Mr J. Fawcett for the new Church of the Nativity.


Land is offered for sale in Eltham Road, one acre with a house for £300; two acres £150.

A gas meter explodes in the Workingmen's Club.

The Council overdraft is £1690.


Council has great problems with water disposal and drainage. The Blenheim Licensing Commission holds its annual meeting. Those present were Messrs F. Costello, Commercial Hotel; R. Priddle, Grosvenor Hotel; D. Draper, Royal Hotel; C. Ryan, Criterion Hotel; M. O'Flaherty, Club Hotel; P. Byron, Marl­borough Hotel; J. Tait, Masonic Hotel; J. O'Sullivan, Empire Hotel.

19: Crawford and Watson built new premises for Hallenstein Bros in Market Street at a cost of £1500 (rebuilt in 1967).

18: A St. John Ambulance unit is formed. Mr G. Houldsworth, Mayor of Blenheim, was the first president.


The High Street Bridge is painted for £4.5.0.

The Express reviews a new book, H. M. Stanley's "Darkest Africa."


4: During a flood The Express fails to go to press. In its own words, "on account of excessive moisture."


A national seaman's strike causes a shipping company to ad­vertise for "free" officers and crew in Blenheim.

Two trout, 21 lb and 26 1/2 lb, caught at Tua Marina.


Dr Muller records the daily weather details.

The introduction of the building permit system.

Drs Cleghorn and Nairn present a report condemning the poor sewerage, stagnant water, and cess pools in Blenheim.

Council's general fund is overdrawn beyond the legal limit.


Mr Wemyss builds a 40ft x 22ft grandstand at the A. & P. Show-grounds.


Mr T. Lindsay Buick wins the Wairau seat in the general election. Council forms a committee to investigate a suitable spot for the citizens to bathe.

Dog licenses are 5/-.

Rates 1/3 in £; Hospital 13/8d in £; inner area rate 6d in £; special rate 2 1/2 d in £; expenditure £4163.12.2; rates realise £814.7.3; valuation £26,539; estimates £2420.

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